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Living Quarters and Reservations

Upon arrival, report directly to Combined Bachelors Quarters (CBQ) (Bldg 1312) for your room assignment and room key. Your BEQ reservation is taken care of for you based on class seating assignment; you do not need to call for a confirmation number. DO NOT REPORT EARLIER THAN authorized by your orders. In the event you arrive from overseas, call the SEA at 401-841-4221 (not the CBQ) for assistance. Failing to do so may result in room non-availability and lose of reimbursement for the extra day(s) you are aboard Naval Station Newport.
The CBQ calculates your lodging bills to your room at the end of each month. Payment is due no later than the fifteenth of the following month. Make payments with cash, check, money order, or credit card. All bills to the CBQ must be paid in full prior to departure from the SEA. You must show a copy of your paid receipt to your Faculty Advisor before departing.
Because of the nature of the Senior Enlisted Academy and your duty status, having your family with you in the Newport area is not practical. This school is an unaccompanied temporary duty station. Transportation of dependents to the temporary duty station is not authorized. Doing so will result in termination of your per diem and family separation allowance entitlements. While residential accommodations are available, they are expensive (double in tourist season) and very difficult to find near the base. However, your family is certainly welcome to join you for the graduation banquet and ceremony.
Visit the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites site for more information.

**Bachelor Quarters Note: The CBQ does NOT accept American Express. Additionally, they recommend service members utilize their Goverment Travel card verses a personal debit card.

Per Diem Entitlements (TEMDUINS/TAD/TDY)

You are not entitled to per diem if your follow on permanent assignment is in the Newport area or you are transferring from the Newport area. Students attending SEA in PCS status to commands outside Newport, RI and TAD students are authorized to draw per diem at the current Proportional Meal Rate (PMR) plus lodging. As of this writing, the PMR for Newport is $44.00 a day, and lodging is $56.00 a day. We strongly encourage you to request Advanced Per Diem prior to departing your current duty station.
Your travel pay will be computed as follows: Travel is GTR cost from your parent command to Providence and return. Per diem is approximately $4,000 ($56 x 40 days + $44 x 40 days).

Total Approximate Travel Costs

Total travel cost is approximately $4000.00. TAD/TDY students are NOT authorized to draw advance per diem. You must use your government travel card. TAD/TDY students can submit a partial liquidation claim after 30 days onboard. The SEA will help you FAX or mail your partial liquidation back to your parent command for processing.


Room Amenities

Tomich Hall is set up as a learning environment along with sleeping quarters above the school house.  For your comfort and convenience, these amenities are provided.  Some tenants if in Tomich hall some may have an adjoining head.  

During Tomich Hall Refurbishment students will be provided berthing in availible berthing on base, usually in the same Bldg. the following amenities are provided:

In-room phones with message service
Television with basic cable
Clock radio/alarm with instructions
Video cassette player (VCP) or digital video disk (DVD) player
Soap, shampoo and conditioner
Full size iron and ironing board
Ice bucket with drinking glasses
Stationery (pen and paper)
Coffee pot (coffee, condiments and cups)
Hair dryer
Luggage rack
Full length mirror
Local and installation phone directories
 Visitor Information Package
Free public Wire-less internet is also available in the building, this network, although not connected to the school house network is avail for your convenience.