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China Maritime Study No. 11 China Maritime Study No. 11 February 2014
China's Near Seas Combat Capabilities
Peter Dutton, Andrew S. Erickson, and
Ryan Martinson, Editors
China Maritime Study No. 10 China Maritime Study No. 10 November 2013
No Subsitute for Experience
Chinese Antipiracy Operations in the Gulf of Aden
By Andrew S. Erickson and Austin M. Strange
Number 9 China Maritime Study No. 9 July 2012
Not Congruent but Quite Complementary
U.S. and Chinese Approaches to Nontraditional Security
Lyle J. Goldstein, Editor
CMS-8-Cover.jpg China Maritime Study No. 8 August 2011
The Dragon Eyes the Top of the World
Arctic Policy Debate and Discussion in China
By David Curtis Wright\
No7.jpg China Maritime Study No. 7 December 2010
Military Activities in the EEZ
A U.S.-China Dialogue on Security and International Law in the Maritime Commons
Peter Dutton, Editor
No6.jpg China Maritime Study No. 6 July 2010
U.S.-China Maritime Confidence Building
Paradigms, Precedents, and Prospects
By David Griffiths
No5.jpg China Maritime Study No. 5 April 2010
Five Dragons Stirring Up the Sea
Challenge and Opportunity in China's Improving Maritime Enforcement Capabilities
By Lyle J. Goldstein
No4.jpg China Maritime Study No. 4 January 2010
Chinese Civil-Military Relations in the Post-Deng Era: Implications for Crisis Management and Naval Modernization
By Nan Li
No3.jpg China Maritime Study No. 3 June 2009
Chinese Mine Warfare: A PLA Navy ‘Assassin’s Mace’ Capability
By Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and William S. Murray
No2.jpg China Maritime Study No. 2 February 2009
Scouting, Signaling, and Gatekeeping: Chinese Naval Operations in Japanese Waters and the International Law Implications
By Peter Dutton
No1.jpg China Maritime Study No. 1 August 2008
Comprehensive Survey of China's Dynamic Shipbuilding Industry: Commercial Development and Strategic Implications
By Gabriel Collins and Lieutenant Commander Michael C. Grubb, U.S. Navy