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² ² ²  Participation in this event is by invitation only ² ² ²
The workshop will be unclassified.

The overall purpose of the workshop is to examine legal issues associated with unmanned systems operating in the maritime environment. The workshop will bring together a mix of approximately 25 technical experts and legal scholars/practitioners.

Day 1 (March 20) will begin with a presentation by technical experts on unmanned undersea vessel (UUV) technology today, and what technological developments they foresee in the future. Once the participants have a common understanding of the technical aspects of UUV development and employment, the remainder of the first day will be spent discussing legal issues raised by the anticipated usage of UUVs.

Those issues will have been identified prior to the workshop, and invited legal scholars will be asked to research the issues in advance and then give a brief presentation at the workshop relating to the issues and their proposed answers.  Following each presentation, an ILD (International Law Department) member will facilitate and moderate a discussion related to the particular issue.
Day 2 (March 21) will be spent examining a scenario that will be created for the workshop.  That scenario will involve an escalating international conflict in which unmanned maritime vehicles will be used: initially, in a rather innocuous manner (surveillance and the like), followed by more robust use, culminating in fully autonomous detect-to-kill employment.  Issues associated with each level of employment will be discussed by the legal and technical experts.

The substance of the workshop (both oral and written) will be captured by the Web IQ system, and will be published as an ILD monograph.
For additional information, please contact Captain Andy Norris at (401) 841-6587 or