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After Hours Arrival: Gate 1 is the only gate that remains open 24hrs. Use the address 1 Training Station Rd, Newport, RI 02840-1306 for GPS coordinates to generate the route to gate one. From Gate One, you will report directly to Combined Bachelors Quarters (CBQ) (Bldg 1312) for your room assignment and room key. Your BEQ reservation is taken care of for you based on class seating assignment; you do not need to call for a confirmation number

This page you with general information to make your transition to the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) as smooth and efficient as possible. The sections are hyperlink to ease navigation.


First Day  

A welcome aboard package (located at the main entrance of the berthing area) is waiting for you. On the first day of class, report to Tomich Hall (Bldg 1269, First Floor Auditorium) at the time indicated in the welcome aboard package. See the Uniform Requirements page. 

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Military Records  

You will need the following records to in process at the academy:

  1. Navy TAD: TAD orders, Copy of updated PAGE 2 and SGLI.
  2. Navy PCS: Transfer Package, Copy of orders, Copy of updated PAGE 2 and SGLI. .
  3. Navy ADT: AT orders, PG2 and SGLI..
  4. Other services: TAD orders, Emergency Notification Data, and SGLI.
  5. DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge (completed Annually)
  6. Personally Identifiable Information Certificate (Completed in last 12 months not to expire before graduation)

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Medical Screening  

To ensure your safety and ability to participate in our physical fitness program, please pay close attention to the following items. If these items are not complete prior to your arrival, the SEA will delay your participation in the physical fitness program, and your graduation may be in jeopardy.

  • Ensure your Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) is current and will not expire during the period of your stay at the SEA. Your current PHA must be documented in your medical record; verify that it is in your record when you sign it out.

Failure to complete these items could delay participation in our PT program and could jeopardize your class completion.

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Personal Mailing Address  

You may use the following mailing address to have mail delivered USPS, UPS, or Federal Express while attending the Senior Enlisted Academy.

CLASS __________ GROUP
NEWPORT RI 02841-1525
NOTE: The inclusion of your group will aid in sorting your personal mail; however, we will not assign you to a group until one week before your arrival. Until you arrive, you may still receive personal mail using the class number and the academy mailing address. For planning purposes, submit Change of Address cards to the sources of your regular correspondence, such as magazines and newspapers by week two of the school to prevent uninterrupted service or loss. We will forward mail up to 90 days after your graduation.

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Physical Fitness Program  

All personnel reporting to the Academy must be within Navy body composition standards and physical fitness standards. 

  • Completion of a Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire
  • Body Composition Assessment (height for weight screening and if necessary, body fat determination)

The Academy will disenroll those personnel not within standards.

Our physical fitness program will begin at a low intensity and progress to a fairly rigorous routine over a period of time. It is designed to safely improve your physical readiness.

You will normally exercise a minimum of three times per week during the academic day in two-hour blocks. Each session will consist of a warm up/core strengthening component followed by various exercise routines, and finally a cool down/stretch period. Calisthenics exercises will include push-ups, slow-count push-ups, curl-ups, slow-count curl-ups, crunches, leg lifts, lunges, squats, and other similar exercises. The aerobic workout will consist of running which will vary in distance and various other cardio workouts. Early in the class, we will run about 2 miles and slowly build up to about 4 miles by graduation. We also have alternate runs for seasoned runners. We will run outdoors as long as the wind-chill factor is above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring appropriate shoes and exercise clothing for indoor and outdoor physical training. There is a pool available within walking distance of the SEA. Consider bringing eye goggles, nose clips, and swim caps as desired. During your last week of class, you will participate in a Physical Readiness Test (PRT) as outlined in OPNAVINST 6110.1(series) as a requirement for graduation. Failure to meet minimum PFA standards may result in your disenrollment.

This program will assist you in maintaining good health, personal stamina, and the physical strength necessary for optimum combat effectiveness.

On the first day of class, we will measure your height/weight and, if required, determine your body fat percentage. If you have any questions about our physical fitness program, contact our Command Fitness Coordinator. Air Force, Coast Guard, Army students, and international military students please note that we require you to meet the Navy's height/weight and body fat standards. The Navy's upper allowable limits for body fat percentage are Male (17-39) 22% and (40-40+) 23%; Female (17-39) 33% and (40-40+) 34%. Review OPNAVINST 6110.1(series) for additional information pertaining to the Navy's Physical Readiness Program.

Be advised, should you be disenrolled from the SEA due to BFA/PFA failure, you will depart the SEA the same day. We will notify your chain of command the reason for your disenrollment.

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Phone Messages 

The telephone number in your berthing room will be: (401) 851-2200. The automated operator will ask for an extension number. If the caller does not know your extension, they may search the phone system for you by last name or press zero for the operator. Your phone will have voice mail capabilities; therefore, please ask anyone that will call you (for other than emergencies), to use your personal number. The SEA staff will accept emergency calls at the office numbers.

  Commercial DSN
Office (401) 841-4221/4222 841-4221/4222
FAX (401) 841-4945 841-4945

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Miscellaneous Expenses and Social Functions  

Typically, you will attend three social functions:

  1. Welcome Aboard Social reception which serves as a get acquainted session for staff and students;
  2. Graduation Banquet Ceremony held on the evening before your departure. You may invite guests to attend the graduation banquet ceremony. The graduation banquet typically costs $30 per student/guest; the attire is semi-formal for guests. We do not limit the number of guests you may invite. We recommend guests arrive no earlier than the final weekend to avoid interfering with classroom activities. You will receive specific details on the first day of class.

As a member of the class, you may incur costs you cannot claim as a travel expense. You can expect to spend approximately $20 per week participating in class activities. These expenses alone may total $100. Participation in items such as group tee shirts, class functions (bar-b-que for example), or class legacy gifts are a matter of personal choice.

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Passports and Visas  

In some cases, your ship or unit deployment location may be overseas in an area, which will require you to obtain an official or no-fee passport. This also applies to some overseas duty locations for your family members. YOU MUST APPLY FOR PASSPORT OR VISA FROM YOUR DETACHING NAVPTO. The SEA normally does not process passport requests. In the event you do have passport issues while you are here, you will require the following items to process your passport application(s): birth certificate(s) with raised seal and valid tourist passport(s) (if they are current). Do not allow your NAVPTO to delay passport processing until the last minute or advise you to delay processing. Processing passport applications is much more difficult at the SEA due to education requirements.

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