From Naval Station Newport
Feb. 15, 2013

NEWPORT, R.I. (Feb. 7, 2013) Sarah Perez, left, Rhode Island Blood Center military account manager and Dr. Carolyn T. Young, vice president and chief medical officer at RIBC, pose with Paul St. Laurent from the Naval War College who has donated 11 gallons of blood in 91 donations. (Photo by Lisa Rama, Naval Station Newport)NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC) has learned that if it holds a blood drive at Naval Station Newport, the donors will line up. Four U.S. Naval War College faculty and staff members were amongst those recognized for their continuous donations during RIBC’s first Naval Station Donor Appreciation Luncheon on Feb. 7 at the Officers’ Club.

College of Distance Education (CDE) professor Paul St. has donated 11 gallons from 91 donations, and information technology specialist Leslie Costic, CDE professor Ronald Oard, and librarian Lucille Rosa were recognized as five to nine gallon donors.

RIBC also presented awards at the luncheon to commands and facilities, including NWC, that routinely set up blood drives. NWC’s last blood drive was held Feb. 13.

Since 1979, RIBC estimates that NAVSTA civilian and military have donated over 30,000 pints of blood resulting in over 93,000 products being passed on to needy recipients.

The luncheon last week included a testimonial from one of these recipients, Keith Bloomer. Bloomer was diagnosed in 1997 with an auto immune disease that resulted in massive lung damage. He received a lung transplant in 2008 and is currently a volunteer with RIBC.

“People like you are not only saving lives like mine, you are getting families back together,” he said, referring to how the lung transplant and blood products he received have enabled him to return to a much more active life with his wife and daughter.

The next RIBC blood drive at NAVSTA will be Feb. 27 from 4 to 7 p.m. The bloodmobile will be parked in the Gym 109 lot.

Edited by Cmdr. Carla M. McCarthy
Posted by Dan Marciniak

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