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By Cmdr. Carla M. McCarthy, NWC Public Affairs

Cover image of the Spring 2014 Naval War College Review.NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Naval War College (NWC) Press released the latest edition of the quarterly Naval War College Review, Feb. 24.

In this Spring 2014 issue, former CNO Strategic Studies Group (SSG) Director John T. Hanley, Jr. provides a historical look at the need for and creation of the CNO SSG in the 1980s and reflects on the subsequent maritime strategy developed by the group.  He concludes with implications for today.

NWC professor James R. Holmes explores maritime Southeast Asia using sea-power theorist Alfred Thayer Mahan's method of classifying strategic features, along with the state of relations with with countries that host naval bases.

Capt. Takuya Shimodaira lays out the new and diverse capabilities the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) will require in today's security environment, along with recommending a new role for the JMSDF.  Shimodaira is the first JMSDF liaison officer assigned as an international fellow at NWC.  

NWC professors Peter Dombrowski and Chris C. Demchak discuss the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace for U.S. national security, especially naval forces.  They take a look back over the last ten years, review U.S. government response to attacks, explain the U.S. Navy's evolution, and examine the nuances of cyber operations.

Christopher Spearin, an associate professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, offers four points to help understand private military and security companies and their role in the maritime domain.  

Lastly, U.S. Naval Academy professor Marcus Jones, examines Nazi Germany's technological innovations in the U-boat Type XXI.  

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