Andrew Stigler, PhD

Andrew Stigler, PhD

Associate Professor
National Security Affairs
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At the Naval War College, Professor Stigler teaches classes on foreign policy and national security, focusing on the international and domestic influences on US national security policy.  His students are senior US military officers from all four services, as well as civilian officials from the Department of Defense and other US government agencies.  Stigler has led seminars for both the intermediate student class (Captain - Major) and the senior class (Lt Colonel - Colonel).  He has also taught military officers from over twenty allied countries.  Stigler is a past director of the Naval War College's Current Strategy Forum.  

Stigler has published in International Security, the National Interest, Joint Forces Quarterly, and The Naval War College Review.  He currently has a book under contract with the academic press Transactions (affiliated with Rutgers University), titled The Military: A Presidential Briefing Book. The work is a critical examination of the military from the standpoint of an incoming president, examining issues such as force planning, crisis response, presidential command during wartime, strategic change, and postwar reconstruction efforts.  

Stigler holds a BA in Government from Cornell University; an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago; and a PhD in Political Science from Yale University.  He has previously taught at Dartmouth College and Wesleyan University. 

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