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International Competition in China, 1899-1991: The Rise, Fall, and Restoration
of the Open Door Policy (Routledge/Curzon Press, 2015).
Navies and Soft Power: Historical Case Studies of Naval Power and the Non-use
of Military Force, Edited by Bruce A. Elleman and Sarah Paine (NWC Press, 2015).
                Taiwan Straits: Crisis in Asia and the Role of the U.S. Navy (Lanham, MD:
Rowman & Littlefield, 2015)
Commerce Raiding: Historical Case Studies, 1755-2009, Edited by Bruce A.
Elleman and Sarah Paine (NWC Press, 2013).
Beijing’s Power and China’s Borders: Twenty Neighbors in Asia, Co-edited by
Bruce Elleman, Stephen Kotkin, and Clive Schofield (M.E. Sharpe Press,
High Sea’s Buffer: The Taiwan Patrol Force, 1950-1979 (NWC Press,
China as a Sea Power, 1127-1368: A Preliminary Survey of the Maritime
Expansion and Naval Exploits of the Chinese People During the Southern Sung and Yuan Periods, Unpublished manuscript by Professor Jung-pang Lo, Edited, and with commentary, by Bruce A. Elleman, (Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, and Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong press, 2012).
People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Combat Systems Technology 1949-2010,
co-writtenwith Jim Bussert (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2011).
Naval Power and Expeditionary Wars: Peripheral Campaigns and New Theatres
of Naval Warfare, edited book, with S.C.M. Paine (London: Routledge, 2011).
Naval Leadership during the 20th and Early 21st Centuries, edited book, with John B. Hattendorf (Newport: NWC Press, 2010).
Piracy and Maritime Crime: Historical and Modern Case Studies, co-edited with
Andrew Forbes and David Rosenberg (Newport: NWC Press, Newport Paper 35, 2010).
Manchurian Railways and the Opening of China: An International History, edited
book, with Stephen Kotkin (Armonk NY: M.E. Sharpe Northeast Asia Series, 2010).
Modern China: Continuity and Change 1644 to the Present, textbook co-
authored with Sarah Paine (Prentice-Hall, 2010)
Moscow and the Emergence of Communist Power in China, 1925-30: The
Nanchang Uprising and the Birth of the Red Army (London: Routledge, 2009).
Naval Coalition Warfare: From the Napoleonic War to Operation Iraqi Freedom,
edited book, with S.C.M. Paine (London: Routledge, 2008)
Waves of Hope: The U.S. Navy’s Response to the Tsunami in Northern Indonesia.
Newport Paper 28 (Newport, R.I.: Naval War College Press, 2007).
Japanese-American Civilian Prisoner Exchanges and Detention Camps, 1941-45
(London: Routledge Press, 2006).
Naval Blockade and Seapower: Strategies and Counter-strategies, 1805-2005,
edited book, with S.C.M. Paine (London: Routledge, 2006)
                Naval Mutinies of the Twentieth Century: An International Perspective
                                edited book, with Christopher Bell (London: Frank Cass, 2003); Czech
translation: Námořní vzpoury ve dvacátém století : mezinárodní
 souvislosti (Prague: BBart, 2004).
Wilson and China: A Revised History of the 1919 Shandong Question
                                (Armonk, NY: M.E.Sharpe, 2002)
Modern Chinese Warfare, 1795-1989 (London: Routledge Press, 2001; Print-on-
demand, 2006); Chinese translation:『近代中國的軍事與戰爭 』(Jindai
Zhongguo de junshi yu zhanzheng), (Taipei: Elite Press, 2002).
                Mongolia in the Twentieth Century: Landlocked Cosmopolitan edited book,
                                with Stephen Kotkin (Armonk, New York: M.E.Sharpe, 1999)
                Diplomacy and Deception: The Secret History of Sino-Soviet Diplomatic
                                Relations, 1917-1927 (Armonk, New York: M.E.Sharpe, 1997)
Book Chapters:
“Misdirection amidst the ‘fog of relief’: Problems with communications interoperability in Operation UNIFIED ASSISTANCE,” in King-Hall Conference proceedings, edited by David Stevens (forthcoming)
“The Neglect and Nadir of Chinese Maritime Policy Under the Qing” in China Goes to Sea: China's Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective, edited by Lyle Goldstein, Andrew Erickson, and Cary Lord (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2009).
 “Maritime Territorial Disputes and their Impact on Maritime Strategy – A Historical Perspective,” in Security and International Politics in the South China Sea: Towards a Co-operative Management Regime, edited by Sam Bateman and Ralf Emmers (London: Routledge, 2009).
 “A Comparative Historical Approach to Blockade Strategies: Implications for China,” in China’s Energy Strategy: The Impact on Beijing’s Maritime Policies, edited by Gabriel B. Collins, Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and William S. Murray (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2008).
“Soviet sea denial and the KMT-CCP Civil War in Manchuria, 1945-1949,” in Naval Coalition Warfare: From the Napoleonic War to Operation Iraqi Freedom,
Edited by Bruce Elleman and S.C.M. Paine (London: Routledge, 2008)
“The Shanghai blockade and British diplomatic recognition of the PRC,” in Sea Power Ashore and in the Air, edited by David Stevens and John Reeve (Sydney: Halsteead Press, 2007).
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“Chinese 20th Century Naval Mutinies: The Case of the Chongqing,” in Naval Mutinies of the Twentieth Century: An International Perspective edited by Christopher Bell and Bruce Elleman.
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Reviewed Articles:
“Sun Yat-sen and the Soviet Modernity Model,” Journal of the Southwest Conference on Asian Studies, Volume 2 (2000).
“The 1907-1916 Russo-Japanese Secret Treaties: A Reconsideration,” Asian
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