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Chris C. Demchak, PhD

Chris C. Demchak, PhD

Strategic Research
Strategic Research | Center for Cyber Conflict Studies
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Dr. Chris C. Demchak has a PhD from Berkeley (political science) with a focus on organization theory and complex systems, security studies, and surprise in largescale socio-technical systems across nations. She also holds two masters degrees, respectively, in economic development (Princeton) and energy engineering (Berkeley). She has published numerous articles on societal security difficulties with largescale information systems to include cybered conflict, national cyber power, and cyber privacy (“theory of action”, “BIK behavior-based privacy”), security institutions (CT “Knowledge Nexus”) and new military models (“Atrium model” for joint forces). As coDirector of the new Naval War College Center for Cyber Conflict Studies (C3S), Demchak’s research will continue to focus on the evolution in socio-technical systems, surprise in organizations, cyber tools, social integrations, and range of choices emerging in westernized nations’ cybersecurity/deterrence strategies. Her emphasis remains on comparative operational institutional learning, advanced use of tools and cognition, and system-wide resilience against normal or adversary imposed surprise

Dr. Demchak's recent books include an edited volume entitled Designing Resilience (2010 U Pitt Press with Comfort and Boin) and a theory-to-practice volume Wars of Disruption and Resilience: Cybered Conflict, Power, and National Security Conflicts (2011 UGA Press). She is currently working on a new manuscript tentatively entitled Cyber Command: Organizing For Security Resilience in the Cybered Conflict Age. as well as a book entitled Military Organizations, Complex Machines in the Cornell Security Studies series. She is an early member of the Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) research field as well as a former US Army Reserve officer. 

Dr. Demchak has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses on the following: comparative socio-technical systems and modernization of security organizations; the institutional history of war and the state; the emerging global information systems and international management; the worldwide diffusion of defense technologies to include the use of game-based simulations in security analysis; and systemic cybersecurity for officers and senior public servants. She current teaches a graduate course on cyber security at the systemic, national level at the US Naval War College. 

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