Jeffrey M. Shaw, PhD

Jeffrey M. Shaw, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Distance Education | S&P
(401) 841-2215


Jeffrey M.  Shaw is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Policy in the College of Distance Education. He taught Strategy and Policy in residence from 2008-2011. He is the author of a number of books and journal articles; his book Illusions of Freedom was recently published by Wipf and Stock. He is also co-editor of the forthcoming 3-volume Wars of Religion: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict with Dr. Tim Demy of the NWC and is also co-author of the forthcoming The Reformers on War, Peace, and Justice: A Survey, from Wipf and Stock. He was co-editor of the Potomac Institute of Policy Studies’ 2013 thematic edition of the online journal Synesis entitled “Historical and Social Constructs of Technology: Contexts and Value for the Contemporary World” which is under contract for publication by E.J Brill. His book chapters include “The Ogaden War” in Peripheries of the Cold War by Verlag Koningshausen and Neumann in Wurzburg, Germany, and “War and Technology: Precision, Nanotechnology, and Globalization “ in Helix of Death, forthcoming from McFarland. His article “Putting the Cooperative Maritime Strategy to Work: A Wargaming Perspective” appeared in Joint Force Quarterly 72. He holds a PhD in Humanities from Salve Regina University and an MA in Military History from the American Military University and in National Security Studies from the Air Command and Staff College. Professor Shaw retired from the USAF in 2011. He served as the USAF liaison with the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF), and managed all air force security assistance programs with Japan, to include developing the plan for integrating the JDAM into the JASDF arsenal, for which he was lauded by Ambassador Howard Baker. He also worked with the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF), and escorted the ROKAF Commander at the rollout ceremony of the first of 40 F-15Ks at the Boeing Company in St. Louis. He was a navigator in the KC-135 and C-130 with over 3,500 flying hours in Operations DESERT STORM, ALLIED FORCE, SHINING HOPE, JOINT GUARD, and IRAQI FREEDOM, during which he flew with the ROKAF in the summer of 2006 while serving as the deputy operations group commander, 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait.

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