Peter A. Pellegrino

Peter A. Pellegrino

Senior Military Analyst
War Gaming
(401) 841-2369


Pete Pellegrino is a Senior Military Analyst with Cubic Application, Inc. supporting the War Gaming Department, Center for Naval Warfare Studies as a Game Designer. Mr. Pellegrino is a former squadron commander with 22 years of service as an EA-6B Naval Flight Officer, and served as the Game Division Director for the War Gaming Department from 2004 until his retirement from active duty in 2007. While assigned as military faculty, Mr. Pellegrino also taught war gaming design and strategic game theory electives. 

Mr. Pellegrino attended the British Joint Services Command and Staff College and received his Master’s Degree in Defense Studies from King’s College London, and received his undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University.
While Mr. Pellegrino supports the full range of War Game Department projects, his primary research and game design efforts are focused on the department’s support of the Chief of Naval Operation’s Title 10 organize, train and equip requirements, principally through the Global War Game series.      
Mr. Pellegrino’s other interests include corporate strategic planning and gaming, and designing historic simulation games for middle and high school students. He is a contributing game designer to Junior General (, a website dedicated to the use of gaming in secondary education, and a consultant to major game and software manufacturers.    

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