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Raul A. Pedrozo, CAPT, USN (Ret)/LLM

Raul A. Pedrozo, CAPT, USN (Ret)/LLM

Professor of Military Law
International Law
(401) 841-7457
(401) 841-3989


Professor Raul (Pete) Pedrozo is assigned to the International Law Department of the United States Naval War College. He is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University (B.S. Police Administration), The Ohio State University College of Law (J.D. Law); and the Georgetown University Law Center (LLM International & Comparative Law). He has also received core professional training on Humanitarian Law and Policy from the International Association for Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research. Professor Pedrozo specializes in a wide range of international and operational law issues, including the law of the sea, law of armed conflict, arms control, unmanned systems, counter-proliferation, piracy, counter-narcotics, the Arctic, peace operations, China, island disputes, humanitarian assistance/domestic relief operations, status of forces agreements, and transnational organized crime.

Professor Pedrozo retired from the U.S. Navy in August 2009 after nearly 33 years of active duty. He served in a number of key operational and international law positions, including a number of positions advising senior military and civilian leaders of the Department of Defense (DOD), including: Staff Judge Advocate to the Commander, U.S. Pacific Command; Force Judge Advocate to Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; Staff Judge Advocate to Commander, Joint Task Force PROVIDE PROMISE and U.S. Contingent to the U.N. Protection Force for the Former Yugoslavia; Legal Advisor to Commander, Task Force SEMPER FI Operation JUST CAUSE; Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General (International & Operational Law) and Legal Advisor to the DOD Representative for Ocean Policy Affairs; Staff Judge Advocate to Commander, U.S. Naval Forces South; and Staff Judge Advocate to Commander, Carrier Group TWO (embarked USS CORAL SEA).
Other significant duties and achievements during his active duty military career include: DOD representative to the U.S. delegation to the negotiations of the Transnational Organized Crime Convention and lead U.S. negotiator for the maritime chapter to the Migrant Smuggling Protocol to the Convention; DOD representative to the U.S. delegation to the International Maritime Organization (1996-2001) where he participated in meetings of the IMO Assembly, Maritime Safety Committee, Safety of Navigation Sub-committee, and Legal Committee, as well as the Chairman of the IMO Working Group responsible for drafting the Guidelines for the Suppression of Illegal Transport of Migrants by Sea; Legal Advisor for the U.S.-China Talks following the 2001 EP-3 incident and subsequent meetings of the United States-China Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (1998-2005); DOD representative to the annual meetings of the Major Maritime Powers Meetings; DOD representative to the President’s Ocean Commission, including member of the Conference Committee that planned and organized the 1998 National Ocean Conference: Oceans of Commerce, Oceans of Life; DOD representative to the National Academy of Sciences Marine Board; and Legal Advisor to the Investigating Officer for the 1988 Black Sea Bumping Incident with the Former Soviet Union. 
Professor Pedrozo is a member of the U.S. Naval War College Asia-Pacific Study Group and the Latin America Study Group, and is a member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, San Remo, Italy. He has been a guest lecturer at the Rhodes Academy of Ocean Law and Policy; Chilean Naval War College; Center for Advanced Naval Studies (Mexican Navy); Institute of International Humanitarian Law; Taiwan National Defense University; University of Melbourne/Australian Ministry of Defense Asia Pacific Center for Military Law; University of Virginia/Center for Ocean Law and Policy; National Defense University; National War College; Armed Forces Staff College; Army War College; Oceanographer of the Navy International Hydrographer Course (Stennis Space Center); Navy Small Craft Instructor and Technical Training School (Panama); and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Glyncoe, GA).

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