Richard Crowell

Richard Crowell

Associate Professor
JMO Professor
Joint Military Operations | Information Operations | Cyberspace Operations
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Dick Crowell is an associate professor of joint military operations at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.  He specializes in information operations and cyberspace operations.  Additionally, he is an associate of the Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups (CIWAG).  He is currently researching the emerging concepts of cyber control, cyber denial, and disputed cyber control in contemporary conflict. 

Professor Crowell is a retired naval aviator with nearly 30 years of flying, staff and planning experience. He served as the assistant air operations officer for the Commander Naval Air Forces Atlantic Fleet, the operations officer for the NATO Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group, and a program manager for the Commander Navy Recruiting Command. Before joining the Naval War College faculty, he taught joint professional military education phase 2 at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) and information operations at the Joint Command, Control and Information Operations School at JFSC.

He earned a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College and a Bachelor of Science from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

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