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Welcome to Naval War College Assist and Assess Team

The Naval War College Assist and Assess Team (AAT) partners with fleet commanders, their staffs and coordinates with other Navy, joint, Interagency and multinational commands/organizations to:

  • Identify and develop solutions to challenges to maritime command and control
  • Provide tailored assistance and education to fleet staffs and other designated audiences (e.g. Reserve detachments, etc.)
  • Share current and relevant effective practices
  • Support the revision of in-house curriculum to reflect relevant observations from Fleet visits
  • Fuse existing and emerging doctrine and practices and
  • Work in coordination with United States Fleet Forces Command to provide on-site support during major exercises to improve Navy operational level of war (OLW) proficiency and support the evolution of maritime command and control.
For more information email the Naval War College Assist and Assess Team or call (401) 841-1537.