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This annex promulgates the procedures for selecting Naval War College (NWC) graduates to receive the NWC Distinguished Graduate Leadership Award (DGLA).
  1. Background. The College presents the NWC Distinguished Graduate Leadership Award to graduates whose career accomplishments clearly serve as an inspiration to NWC students. The award will normally be made to an active duty two, three or four star Flag or General Officer. Individuals in other categories may be selected if their accomplishments warrant such recognition, and posthumous awards may be made in order to recognize significant figures in the college’s history. 
  2. Membership. The Distinguished Graduate Leadership Awards Board will consist of the following members:
    • Provost
    • Dean of Academics
    • Dean of Naval Warfare Studies
    • Dean of Students
    • Director, College of Continuing Education
    • Executive Director of the Naval War College Foundation (NWCF) (non-voting)
  3. Action. Prior to 15 October of each year, the Dean of Academics and the Director of the NWCF will submit for consideration to the NWC Distinguished Graduate Leadership Awards Board the names of no more than five individuals who qualify under the criteria set forth in the following paragraph. The DGLA Board will review the qualifications of all candidates, and will make a recommendation to the President as to who should receive DGLA awards for the coming calendar year.

    The award will normally be presented by the President or his representative during the annual Nonresident Programs Dinner held in Washington, DC. The Director, College of Continuing Education will coordinate all activities relative to the dinner/presentation ceremony. Posthumous awards may be awarded annually during the Academic Convocation or Graduation Ceremony.
  4. Awards Criteria. Awards will be based on the following criteria:
    1. NWC Graduate. Graduate of any of the NWC resident or non-resident curricula.
    2. Career Accomplishments. Career accomplishments that clearly serve as an inspiration to NWC students, past, present and future.
    3. Rank. Flag or General Officer (three or four star) on active duty with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force or U.S. Coast Guard or civilian position or equivalent stature.
  5. Individual Certificates and Recognition. The Award, funded by the NWCF, is a bronze medal with a replica of Founders Hall on the obverse, and the NWCF logo, recipient’s name and the date on the reverse side. It has a ribbon attached, suitable for placing around the recipient’s neck. A document, suitable for framing, accompanies the medal. A permanent display of all DGLA winners will be maintained in a suitable location within NWC facilities.