To provide integrated intelligence expertise essential for wargaming, research, warfare analysis and planning at the Naval War College to prepare the Navy and the Joint Force for the most complex operational and strategic challenges.

We are the bridge between the Office of Naval Intelligence - the global leader of maritime intelligence, and the Naval War College - the intellectual center of the Navy.  We are uniquely positioned to collectively develop solutions to the complex maritime challenges facing our nation and the world.
The detachment is part of Office of Naval Intelligence, headquartered in Suitland, Maryland. The detachment was established in 1977 at NWC due to the requirement for significant intelligence support to wargaming.  With the standup of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies in 1981 and a recently invigorated NWC focus on support to the operational Navy, the detachment's mission broadened to include support to a variety of research and analysis programs.
Detachment members are integrated onto NWC wargaming teams for game design,
development, testing and execution, providing intelligence-related subject
matter expertise. The detachment is also fully integrated into various
regional and functional analytic efforts at NWC, supporting the Halsey,
Gravely and Mahan student research groups, the Maritime Advanced Warfighting
School, and others. In addition, the detachment is the point of presence for
dedicated network support in the region.
(401) 841-3033
(401) 841-3034
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment
U.S. Naval War College Code 34
686 Cushing Rd
Newport, RI  02841

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