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CMC/COB Course History

In December 2002, MCPON Terry Scott directed the development of a CMC/COB Course. In May 2003, the first CMC/COB pilot class was held in Newport, RI.

In January 2004, a Course Manager was assigned and the CMC/COB course was established under the Director, Senior Enlisted Academy. Early versions of course curriculum included limited case study discussions between CMC/COB students and Prospective Commanding Officer (PCO) and Prospective Executive Officer (PXO) students attending the Command Leadership School. Eventually, CMC/COB students joined PCO students in combined visits to Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL.

In 2005, classroom instruction was contracted to retired senior enlisted leaders. In 2007, this initiative was reversed and active duty CMC/COBs returned to lead student instruction.

In 2006, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) entered an agreement with Naval Services Family Line (NSFL) to create a course for spouses of CMC/COBs. And in May, 2006, the first CMC Spouse Leadership Course convened in Newport, RI.

In 2007, the CMC/COB course was exported to Chiefs of the Boat serving in Coastal Patrol Squadrons.

In 2009, CMC/COB and CMC Spouse Leadership Courses became part of the Command Leadership School.

In 2014, the Command Leadership School transitioned to the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center.

Today, the CMC/COB course is intertwined with the Major Commander, PCO, PXO, Commanding Officer Spouse and CMC Spouse Leadership courses. The combined courses convene 14 classes each year and students share instruction in a variety of topics that include case studies and topics relevant to the Leadership Triad and Command Support Team members attached.


Command Master Chief and Chief of the Boat Course

All personnel selected for assignment as primary duty Command Master Chief (CMDCM-9580), Chief of the Boat (COB-9579) or Command Senior Chief ( 9578) will attend the two week CMC/COB Capstone Course at the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center in Newport, RI prior to their first assignment.

Spouses of CMC/COB course students are highly encouraged to attend the CMC Spouse Leadership Course, which runs concurrently with the CMC/COB course.

For information on the CMC/COB Course and/or CMC Spouse Course contact CMDCM(SW/AW) Tony Adams at (401) 841-4341 (DSN 948) or at via email.

The Command Master Chief/Chief of the Boat (CMC/COB) Course is a capstone program that provides selected personnel with a 'just in time' learning experience designed to help them further develop the unique perspective and special skills needed to serve as a vital member of their command's leadership triad: Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Command Master Chief. Building on the foundation of the Navy Leadership Competency Model, the course utilizes both facilitated seminars and comprehensive group case study analysis to achieve its objective of preparing individuals for the most demanding assignments in the Navy.


All students are required to read OPNAVINST 1306.2 (series) prior to arrival. Students will familiarize themselves with this document, as it is referred to frequently during the two week course of instruction. Additionally, there are three leadership books we suggest that you read before arriving in Newport. They provide background and focus points for the topics we will discuss during the course. We cannot purchase these books but will mail them to you if you choose not to purchase or borrow the books locally. If we send you a copy, you must return them: otherwise you can borrow the texts from our course library while in Newport. If you desire a book loan send an email to:


  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Maxwell
  • Lincoln on Leadership: Phillips
  • The First 90 Days: Watkins

Additional reading material, which provides insight to different aspects on leadership self-development, is listed below.

  • Leading with the Heart: Coach K's Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life: Krzyzewski
  • The 360 Degree Leader: Maxwell
  • The Oz Principle: Getting Results through Individual and Organizational Accountability: Hickman, Smith, Connors


Contact the CMC/COB Course
Course Admin (401) 841-3757
Course Manager (401) 841-4341
Surface Instructor (401) 841-7441
Submarine Instructor (401) 841-3756
Aviation Instructor (401) 841-2044


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