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Go Green and Bike to Work!

Biking to work is reliable and practical from anywhere on the island.

Recommended Equipment

  • Bike, helmet, lights if commuting at night
  • Towel, shower shoes, toiletries, work shoes, and belts to keep at work
  • Rented locker in Gym 109
  • Rain jacket for summer
  • Gortex bike pants for colder seasons


From the South

Spring Street to America's Cup, then left on Goat Island (Bridge Street), immediate right onto Third Street. Follow Third Street under the bridge to Training Station Road and turn left for Gate 1.

From the North

Defense Highway to the back gate.

From the East

Admiral Kalbfus to Training Station Road to Gate 1, or Memorial Boulevard to America's Cup and then as from the south.

Across the Bridge (West)

Try the “Kayak to work” gouge.


  • Gym 109 has plenty of bike racks
  • Full-length lockers can be rented for a year from Gym 109
  • A full-length locker has plenty of room for a towel, shower shoes, toiletries, belts, and work shoes It is possible to attach two adhesive hooks on the outside of the locker to hang the towel and shower shoes to dry
  • Carefully fold work clothes in a backpack and carry in and out to work each day
  • Walk 7 minutes to the NWC buildings
  • Keep a Gortex/rain top handy for rainy weather. With Gortex bike pants, it is practical to commute by bike all seasons. Store a warm jacket in the locker for late fall and winter
  • Gate guards will check ID as usual and look for your helmet. They will look for at least a tail light at night, and if really dark, a headlight as well.
  • Pack a spare tube, levers, and a pump in you backpack. “Slimed” self sealing tubes work well on commuter bikes.