Prof. James Kraska and CDR Sean Fahey prepared written testimony for the UK House of Commons, Defence Sub-Committee, Defence in the Arctic Inquiry.

LTC Chris Ford: Published a chapter in a recently released book entitled "Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems:  Technology, Definition, Ethics, Law & Security."  The volume, edited by Robin Geiss and published by the German Foreign Office, collects expert opinions delivered to the United Nations Expert Meeting on Autonomous Weapons 11-15 April 2016.

CDR Sean Fahey: I
nterviewed by the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) on the topic: Arctic Security and Legal Issues in the 21st Century. The piece was posted on the CIMSEC website.

LTC Ford - Operational Law in Practice

LTC Ford - Technology and Autonomy in Warfare: A Consideration of the Issue by the US Defense Science Review Board

Norwegian Law of War Manual 

LTC Ford: War by Legislation: The Constitutionality of Congressional Regulation of Detentions in Armed Conflicts

Maritime Operational Zones Manual

Schmitt (ed.):  Targeting: The Challenges of Modern Warfare (Asser Press)

Schmitt:  In Defense of Due Dilligence in Cyber Space
(Yale Law Journal Forum)

Schmitt and Merriam:  Israeli Targeting:  A Legal Appraisal (Naval War College Review)

Schmitt and Merriam:  The Tyranny of Context:  Israeli Targeting Practices in Legal Perspective
(University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law)

Schmitt:  The Notion of "Objects" during Cyber Operations:  A Riposte in Defence of Interpretive and Applicative Precision (Israel Law Review)

Schmitt and Watts:  State Opinio Juris and International Law Pluralism (ILS)

Schmitt and Arimatsu: Attacking “Islamic State” and the Khorasan Group: Surveying the International
 (Columbia Journal of Transnational Law)

Kraska:  Putting Your Head in the Tiger's Mouth:  Submarine Espionage in the Territorial Sea (Columbia Journal of Transnational Law)

Kraska: The Northern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone Regulations (Nordreg) and the Law of the Sea (International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law)

Kraska:  Bio-Logging of Marine Migratory Species in the Law of the Sea (Marine Policy) 

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