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The following list is provided for your use in preparing for your trip to Newport.
  1. Contact with U.S. military representative: Have you established initial contact with this officer at the U.S. embassy in your country for briefings and issue of Invitational Travel Orders (ITO)?
  2. Passports and Visas
    1. Do you and your dependents have passports that are valid throughout the entire length of your visit?
    2. Are the visas good throughout the visit?
    3. Do you have A-2 status, a visa stamped: D/S, and multiply entry?
    4. If bringing domestic help (nanny or au pair) do they have A-3 status, D/S, and multiple entry?
  3. Invitational Travel Orders
    1. Do you have the original orders and 3 copies of the ITO?
    2. Have you had the ITOs thoroughly explained to you by the Navy representative?
    3. Are all blocks filled out properly?
    4. Did you fax a copy of your ITO to the Naval War College IMSO: Fax number (401) 841-6469?
  4. NWC Enrollment: Have you completed the following and forwarded them to the NWC IMSO?
    1. Student Enrollment Form (See Appendix E-1.)
    2. Base Housing Application if applicable (See page IV-3 and Appendix E.)
  5. Biography: Has it been sent or do you have a copy to bring with you?
  6. Sponsor
    1. Have you contacted the NWC IMSO for the contact information of your sponsor?
    2. Have you corresponded with your sponsor?
    3. Have you provided your sponsor with your personal desires in regard to housing, automobile, arrival date and time, etc.?
  7. Travel Information
    1. Have you confirmed travel reservations to Providence, Rhode Island?
    2. Is your country representative aware of your travel itinerary?
    3. Is your sponsor also aware?
    4. Is your arrival arranged so that you will arrive in Newport no later than July 22?
  8. Personal Shipments
    1. Have you arranged to have a summer uniform with you?
    2. Have you arranged to have winter and formal uniforms sent to Newport? (You will need your service dress blue jacket equivalent for a photo during your first week in Newport.)
    3. Have you arranged shipment of personal goods through a freight forwarder with offices in Boston or New York?
    4. Is the freight forwarder licensed to do business as a Customs House Broker?
    5. Do you have your Bill-of-Lading for each shipment?
  9. Pay: Have you made arrangements to have your pay forwarded to you at the Naval War College?
  10. Personal Expenses: Have you brought sufficient funds to cover initial costs upon arrival in Newport? (This includes lodging, meals, and incidentals)
  11. Drivers License: Have you obtained a drivers license from your country?
  12. Mail: Have you made arrangements to have your mail forwarded to Newport?
  13. Medical
    1. Do you have a thorough understanding of the limits of medical care provided by the U.S. Navy, as contained in your ITO and as briefed by the Navy representative in your country?
    2. Do you have medical coverage for your dependents through your Navy or through an insurance program? (This must include pregnancy insurance for your spouse)
    3. Does your ITO authorize all billing to be sent directly to your government?
    4. Do you have a medical history of yourself and your dependents?
    5. Do you have a record of immunizations for yourself and your dependents?
    6. Are dates of immunizations for your children written on the immunization sheet (month/day/year)?
  14. School Enrollment
    1. Do you have documentation for dependents to support the following?
      (1)   Child’s age                    
      (2)   Child’s immunization 
      (3)   Child’s educational record
      (4)   Child’s medical examination
  15. Country References
    1. Have you obtained slides, transparencies, photos, posters, etc., of your Navy and country?
    2. Do you, your spouse, and your children (if desired) have traditional national dress that you may want to wear at the International Night (NSC), International Show of Dress (NCC), or during show-and-tell events at your child’s school?