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The United States Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Blended course of instruction is developed and designed to challenge and educate senior enlisted personnel in the areas of professional writing, communication skills, public speaking, leadership, organizational behavior, team building, physical conditioning, and brilliant on the basics. In addition, the students will attend lectures discussing topics at the fleet, national security, Regional Studies, and strategic critical thinking levels. 
This Course is for US Navy SELRES paygrades E7 - E9 and active/FTS E-8-E9. Those selected for active/FTS COB/CSC/CMC are not eligible.
Course Framework and Objectives. 
The unique educational experience of the Senior Enlisted Academy Blended curriculum set over an eight (8)-week period develops stronger leaders by preparing them to fulfill their expanded and ever widening roles in the areas of leadership and management responsibilities.
The level of effort for this course is approximately 8-10 hours per week.  This includes the time spent doing the assigned readings, viewing videos, participating in discussion boards, and conducting research and writing of papers.
The course is set in a Blackboard environment for Six (6) weeks concluding with a two (2) week resident requirement. The design of the class allows for a free exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences, reasoning in problem solving and fostering self-confidence and team building. During your time at the SEA you will be required to do extensive reading, writing in APA format, self-study, and public speaking.
We use facilitated seminar as the primary method of curriculum delivery. However, stage lectures featuring subject matter experts from the Naval War College, Naval Justice School, Naval Personnel Command, local colleges and universities enhance various blocks of instruction.
Course Enrollment
For enrollment in the Blended Course service members contact the appropriate Quota Control: NPC PERS 40 at 901-874-3555 (FTS and active duty only) or Reserve Force Master Chief Office at 703-695-3976 (SELRES only). Provide the following information.
-         Name / Rank
-         Mil & Civilian address
-         Phone / Email Address
-         Command CMDCM Phone & Email
Upon enrollment, the SEA Blended Course Manager will notify you of your enrollment On-line start date, and your residence convening dat. If you are not contacted, please email the SEA Blended Course Administrator or call 401-841-4229 before the Blackboard commencement date for access to the course requirements and discussion board.
Course Pre-Requisites.
Personnel reporting to the Academy must meet minimum U.S. Navy Physical Readiness Program standards as described in OPNAVINST 6110.1 (series). Additionally potential students will be required to complete the following courses on Navy Knowledge On-Line (NKO) prior to enrollment.
- Primary Professional Military Education (PPME-SENL-B1 through B7).
- DoD CyberAwareness Challenge, accessed via NKO, or
- Personally Identifiable Information (PII Verson 2)

*******Certificates must be brought with you**************

Course Requirements.
   a. Student Responsibilities. 
               The SEA student is expected to fully prepare for each course lesson and read all required assignments. Learning requires participation and interaction within the discussion boards, resident group rooms and the class as a whole. The emphasis of the SEA learning environment stems the experiences of the other students, as well as the facilitated lessons.
   b. Workload

                  The workload at the SEA is aggressive and challenging for most students. The student will be required to balance their workload between written assignments, oral presentations, physical conditioning, reading assignments, and preparation for exams.
   c. Discussion Board.
 Students are required to participate in the weekly discussion board. This is a learning environment and professional standards are expected. Students will refrain from personal attacks on classmates and profanity will not be tolerated. Each week questions related to that week’s theme will be posted for discussion. Two questions will be selected and the students will be required to answer them and to interact with each other by commenting on their respective answers. It is IMPORTANT to participate every week in the discussion. Interaction with your fellow classmates and the sharing of ideas and opinions are an integral part of the learning process. Students that fall behind on course work including discussion boards and writing assignments may be cause for disenrollment. Students should contact facilitator when issues arise that may cause the student to get behind on course work.
   d. Required Reading.

             1)        Online readings. The instructor will provide the required reading for each week
                     modules via Blackboard.

              2)        Resident readings. The following publications will be provide for the students at
                      the SEA, readings
      - Management of Organizational Behavior, Leading Human Resources, by Hersey,
                Blanchard and Johnson.
      - Communicating for Results, by Cheryl Hamilton.
      - The Team Handbook, byPeterScholtes.
       - Mining Group Gold, How to Cash in On the Collaborative Brain Power of A 
by Thomas A. Kayser.
       - Guide to Naval Writing, by Naval Institute Press.
       - Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association by the American
                 Psychological Association.
 e. Two week Residence. 
This is the final capstone of the course allowing completion of required speaking exercises, Final examination and curriculum. 
The following information provided in regards to the residence period.

Uniform Requirements

1.      Service Khaki/NWU (Type I or III only) – Uniform of the Day.

2.      Service Dress Blue or Summer White Uniform (depending on time of year) for photos.

3.      Blended Course does not require the Dinner Dress Uniform for graduation.

4.      Physical Training – Navy PTU.  This requirement includes the Navy sweatshirt and pants if worn during PT (NAVADMIN 312/08).

Transportation from Airport

     The SEA does not endorse any specific commercial transportation company. However, Cozy Cab operates a shuttle service from T.F. Green Airport (PVD) to Naval Station Newport costing up to $100 cash. This service terminates at 2400 and requires a reservation; flight information is necessary for flights arriving later in the evening. Call ahead to confirm the price and schedule, the phone numbers are 1-800-845-1502 or (401) 846-2500.
Other companies authorized on base include Orange Cab (401) 841-0030, A-1 Car Cab & Van (401) 841-0411, and Newport City Cab (401) 662-1407.
We recommend all SEA students access Naval Station Newport through the GATE 1 (main gate) .

Combined Bachelors Quarters (CBQ)

Retain your cab until you complete your check in, as your room location may not be in close proximity to the CBQ. 
Check in at the Combined Bachelors Quarters (CBQ) Bldg 1312. The room rates vary from $56.00 to $86.00.  You can contact the CBQ at (401) 841-7900 or visit the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites site for more information.  

Contact Information
Please email the SEA Blended Course Administrator or Deputy Director with any questions not addressed here.
Blended Course Schedule
Class Blackboard
Graduation Remarks
BC50  19-Aug- 13  27-Sep-13  7 Oct 13  18 Oct 13  
BC51  15 Oct 13  22 Nov 13  2 Dec 13  13 Dec 13  
BC52  13 Jan 14  21 Feb 14  3 Mar 14  14 Mar 14  
BC53  17 Mar 14  25 Apr 14  5 May 14  16 May 14  
BC54  12 May 14  20 Jun 14  30 Jun 14  11 Jul 14  
BC55  18 Aug 14  26 Sep 14  6 Oct 14  17 Oct 14  
BC56  14 Oct 14  21 Nov 14  1 Dec 14  12 Dec 14