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Director Naval Command College
Capt., U.S. Navy
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CAPT Kevin McGowan became the 31st Director of the Naval Command College in 2016. He is a career Naval Aviator with nearly 3000 flight hours over 27 years. He commanded Patrol Squadron TEN in Brunswick Maine from 2007 to 2009, deploying to the Pacific (Japan, Philippines and over 30 operational/exercise detachments). For Major Command Ashore he commanded Officer Training Command Newport - the largest officer onboarding program in the Navy (3200 officer/year - two-thirds of ALL officers). His sub-specialties include Leader Development, Human Capital, Campaign Planning/Strategy, and Strategic Communication.

Professional Highlights


Director, Naval Command College (International Programs)

31st Director of Naval Command College - Senior international program at Naval War College. Invitational program (CNO to Head of Navy) selecting representative CDRs/CAPTs with trajectory for future Head of Navy. Established 1956 by CNO, ADM Arleigh Burke.

Commanding Officer, Officer Training Command Newport

Major Command Ashore (CEO/COO) for largest officer onboarding program in USN - 5 school houses (OCS, ODS, LDO/CWO, DCOIC, Firefighting/Damage Control). 3200 officers/year - onboarded two-thirds of ALL officers in navy (2014-2016)

Miltary Professor - National Security Affairs (Leadership)

Military professor teaching graduate education (Master of Arts - Strategy and National Security) and Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) across 4 distinct curricula: CNW course (senior leader), CNSC (manager/practitioner), International officer course, reserve course

Strategy Director and Theater Security Cooperation - Naval Forces Central Command

Senior director/advisor for Strategy, Theater Security Cooperation, and Strategic Communications for Commander (Vice Admiral) of all US and Coalition Naval Forces in Middle East - fighting/supporting two wars while deterring/preventing a third.

Commanding Officer - Patrol Squadron TEN (VP-10), Brunswick ME

Commanding Officer - Personally accountable and responsible for Leading every aspect (Operations, Maintenance, Training, Administration, Human Capital, Logistics, Sustainment) for squadron of 10 aircraft, 12 Combat Aircrews, and 409 personal operating globally.

Senior Student, Naval War College

one year in-residence master's level study in Strategy and National Security Studies - MA 2006

Human Capital Director - Air Combat Placement Officer (BUPERS - Millington TN)

Managed/directed development and implementation of manpower plan for all Maritime Patrol activities in Navy - 2400 constituents - 313 commands/activities.

Operations Officer - Patrol Squadron TWENTY SIX (VP-26)

LCDR / Department Head. Command Services, CTG OPS, Training Officer, Tactics officer, Operations Officer - Lead Instructor Pilot.

CVN Assistant Navigator/Officer of the Deck - USS HARRY S TRUMAN (CVN-75)

Navigator - lead Officer of the Deck - Senior Watch Officer - LANTFLT Shiphandler of the Year

Instructor Pilot - Patrol Squadron THIRTY (VP-30)

Instructor Pilot, Maintenance Quality Assurance Officer (QAO), lead Instructor Pilot for new Instructors and returning XOs and COs


B.B., United States Naval Academy, 1990, Engineering

M.A., United States Naval War College, 2006, Strategy and National Security

Awards and Decorations

Legion of Merit

Meritorious Service Medal
3 Medals

Navy Commendation Medal
3 Medals

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