Paul R. Murphy

Military Professor & Senior Service Advisor Strategy and Policy Department
Col., U.S. Air Force
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Col. Murphy is the George C. Kenney Professor of Air & Space Warfare and Senior Air Force Advisor to the President of the Naval War College. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, USAF Advanced Study of Air Mobility and Air Force Weapons School with master's degrees from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the Air Force Institute of Technology, the College of Naval Command & Staff, and the Air War College. He has held key staff billets at Headquarters Air Force, USSTRATCOM and Air Mobility Command. He commanded the 305th Air Mobility Wing; was Vice Commander of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing; Deputy Commander of the 55th Operations Group; and commanded the 509th Weapons Squadron.

Areas of Expertise

  • Aerospace
  • Air Warfare
  • Cold War
  • Command and Control
  • Homeland Security
  • WWII

Professional Highlights


Alan Sheppard Professor of Air & Space Warfare

Senior Air Force officer with oversight of all service-related matters pertaining to the chief executive officer of the college. Develops company’s top 15% management prospects for senior executive levels

Director of Safety, Air Mobility Command

Director for mishap prevention & policy for flight, ground, industrial and weapons safety for one of the largest flying organizations in the world. Tasked to preserve and safeguard combat asset capability of a global fleet of 1,255 high-value aircraft, and over 50 thousand personnel operating on a worldwide basis.

Wing Commander, 305th Air Mobility Wing, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Chief executive of strategic airlift and aerial refueling organization, consisting of a team 2,400 military and civilian personnel, operating a $12 Billion fleet of 48 global-capable assets, with operational command and control of two airports, an air cargo hub, and all associated airspace across central NJ.

Chief of Programs, Force Structure & Strategic Basing, Air Mobility Command

Program director for portfolio consisting of budgetary plans and programs, asset allocation/force structure, and operational basing across one of the largest flying organizations in the world. 55,000 personnel, 1,295 large multi-engine cargo, refueling and passenger aircraft, 12 Active Duty main operating bases (airports).

Vice Commander, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, Southwest Asia

Deputy chief executive officer in charge of austere air base installation in United Arab Emirates. Assisted chief executive (general officer) in command of 1,800 forward deployed military, and a classified number of civilian contractors at largest combined refueling, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance wing.

Deputy Commander, 55th Operations Group

Operations manager for daily coordination with national agencies at largest and most complex operations group in USAF. Over 2,800 personnel in 13 squadrons/4 worldwide detachments, operating seven different critical platforms with unique U.S. national security “Crown Jewel” capabilities, including the National Airborne Operations Center E-4B, COBRA Ball ballistic missile tracking platform, Combat SENT, TC-135, OC-135, WC-135 and RC-135s at 3 CONUS and 5 overseas squadron locations.

Global Mobility Panel Chair, Headquarters AF A8P

Developed and synthesized competing requirements into programs for major weapons systems program acquisitions. Integrated seven separate Major Command (corporate divisions) programming inputs into a single cohesive portfolio worth $122B across the five year USAF Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP).

Commander, 509th Weapons Squadron/Weapons School

Hand-selected commander/project manager developer of start-up KC-135 “Top Gun” school (“WIC”).

Deputy Chief of Staff for Transition, USSTRATCOM

Led Team of 35 officers and civilian experts on 6-month fast track project to merge two large corporate divisions into a single entity in the wake of 9/11 corporate restructuring of the Defense Department.


Darden Business School, University of Virginia, 2010, Enterprise Leadership Seminar

M.A., Air War College, 2006, National Security and Strategic Studies, Academic Distinction

Joint Forces Staff College, McArthur Foundation Award

M.A., College of Naval Command & Staff, 2000, National Security Studies, Distinguished Graduate

USAF Weapons School

M.A., AF Institute of Technology, 1999, Logistics & Mobility

USAF Advanced Study of Air Mobility (ASAM)

M.A., Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, 1996, Aeronautical Science

B.A., Northeastern University, 1987, Computer Science

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Program Management Professional (PMP)

USAF Command Pilot

USAF Weapons Officer (WO)

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Legion of Merit

Bronze Star

Air Medal

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