Sebastián A. Marcó

Fellow Joint Military Operations Department
Capt., Argentine Navy
Sebastián A Marcó faculty photo


Argentinian Navy Capt. Sebastián Marcó graduated from the Naval Academy in 1993. He specialized in naval communications (1996) and submarines (1997). He graduated from the Argentinian Naval War School in 2009 and went on to command an auxiliary surface ship in 2010 and a T-209-class submarine from 2016-17. Before coming to the U.S. Naval War College, he was the director of the Submarine School. Capt. Marcó has a degree in naval systems and is finishing his studies in physics at Mar del Plata University. He has an Antarctic navigation specialization from the Hydrographic Service and is a certified instructor of the IRC’s “Armed Conflict International Law.” He is from Buenos Aires.

Contact Information

Areas of Expertise

  • Latin America
  • Peace Operations
  • Submarine Warfare

Professional Highlights


NWC - Naval Command College


Director of the Submarine and Diving School


Staff officer during submarine ARA “San Juan” International SUBSAR Operation


Commanding Officer of T-209 Class Submarine


Staff Officer in the UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus


XO of T-209 Class Submarine


Commanding Officer of an Auxiliary Surface Ship


International Instructor in the Peruvian Submarine School


B.A., Instituto Universitario Naval, "Naval Systems"

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