Advanced Strategist Program Graduation: 2019

U.S. Naval War College with cherry blossoms

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Aug. 15, 2019
9:30 a.m.
Pringle Auditorium, U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841

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This event is for U.S. Naval War College students, spouses, partners, significant others, faculty and staff.

About this Event

U.S. Naval War College (NWC) features a one-year graduate-level program that graduates about 600 resident and 1,000 distance learning students each year. Students earn Joint Professional Military Education credit and either a diploma or a master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies or Defense and Strategic Studies.

Advanced Strategist Program (ASP) is a thirteen-month, double elective course built on top of the colleges established and accredited master’s degree program. The academic year is organized into three trimesters: Joint Military Operations, National Security Affairs, and Strategy and Policy. The ASP program also requires the additional completion of a master’s level thesis and a ten-week summer capstone project. This special program is taught by the best NWC faculty drawn from an elite pool of experts across the college. The program also includes interaction with nationally known scholars from outside the college as well as other leaders in the fields of security studies and strategy.

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