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Tuesday, December 05-07, 2017
8:00 a.m.
U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841

Director, Institute for Future Warfare Studies

This event is for Naval War College students, faculty and staff.

The Joint Staff J7 and the Institute for Future Warfare Studies (IFWS) partnership collaboratively examines the implications of enduring Joint Force missions for the Joint Force and Naval forces.

This workshop is an opportunity to discuss the implications from the Joint Operating Environment 2035 (JOE 2035) document and integrate security environment assessments into strategic planning.

The nature and character of warfare will potentially change by the year 2035 and beyond; what challenges and opportunities will the Navy face? How will the future Joint Missions for the Joint Force and Navy change? Four workshop breakouts will address specific questions and focus on future capability requirements.

Session #1: Shape & Contain

The Joint Force and the Navy will be required to support national strategic objectives by ensuring the United States can adapt to or cope with changing international conditions. In 2035, what challenges and opportunities will the Joint Force and the Navy confront as they shape or contain emerging demands?

Session #2: Deter & Deny

In order to manage the antagonistic behavior of competitors or to impose costs on an aggressive action, the Joint Force may deter or deny an opponent to encourage better conditions to the security environment. What will the security environment look like in 2035?

Session #3: Disrupt & Degrade

The Joint Force may disrupt or degrade an adversary’s forces or capabilities in order to compel their retreat, punish their aggression, or rollback their gains. How will disrupting or degrading an adversary's plans, forces, and capabilities change in the coming decades?

Session #4: Compel & Destroy

In order to stimulate change and effect a more favorable political outcome or security environment, the Joint Force may compel or destroy an adversary’s forces or capabilities. Will the nature of this approach change in 2035?

Session #5: Logistics, Maintenance, Repair, Rearm

Getting necessary materials (Munitions, Energy/fuel, and Maintenance and repair) on location on time in a contested environment uses a variety of delivery systems. How will logistics change over time?

Working Group #6: C2, Cyber, AI

The cyber conflict today is current and ongoing. If we are able to appreciate the interrelation between cyber, AI, and C2, there is a significant opportunity to transition our current ability in order to regain an advantage in 2035.

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