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Newport Papers are considered on a variety of subjects but are ideally related to the contemporary operational or strategic concerns in the realm of maritime security. They are offered for sale online by the U.S. Government Printing Office (at the discretion of GPO) and are posted in Acrobat on the Press website.  There is also a small print distribution to a fixed subscription list of senior commanders and staffs (300 names).

Extended treatment is necessary; the Newport Papers are published as book-length monographs, not pamphlets. For a combination of production and financial reasons, the Papers normally range from a minimum of 100 proof pages (not typescript pages--this equates to approximately 41,000 words) to about 150. Greater length can sometimes be accommodated.

Full scholarly apparatus is required. To avoid the necessity of extensive revisions, please consult our house style. While close conformance with our citation style would not be required in manuscript, the elements of information it requires by it should be present.

Art (that is, photographs, tables, figures, diagrams) can generally be accommodated, through in black and white only (print version). Tables and figures are generally redrawn locally, for approval; high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) files of photographs, etc., must be submitted.

The author is responsible for security or policy clearances, as well as for securing formal permission to use copyright material.

If interested in publishing a Newport Paper (whether the manuscript is prospective, in progress, or complete), please submit a proposal to the editor, via managing editor, comprising:

  • An abstract, laying out the purpose, thesis, general approach, nature of sources and evidence
  • Projected length
  • Biographical note or cv
  • Features with production or cost implications (extensive art, appendices, etc.).