Issue: 2001 - Summer

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In one of his best-known presentations, “The Future Security Environment: Challenges in Maritime Security,” the President of the Naval War College, Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski, offers several ways of conceptualizing the “domain” in which the U.S. Navy operates. “Of them, a less traditional, but compelling, approach is electronic. If one plots on a blank sheet of paper the location of radio emissions related to commerce, the result is a map of the world, with very prominent zones coinciding with conflict fault-lines. An analysis of the world’s finely tuned network. . . .” Our cover, adapted from the briefing graphic, produced by the College’s Graphics Department, to which the Admiral spoke) depicts that coherent pattern. . . . In this issue, Dr. Daniel GourĂ© of the Lexington Institute challenges the necessity for forward deployment and the capacity of the U.S. Navy to maintain it. Professor James F. Miskel, of the Naval War College faculty, takes the opposite view. . . . An early iteration of the Admiral’s presentation was reprinted as our Summer 1999 “President’s Notes.”

Volume 54, Number 3

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