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Edited by Richard B. Jaques, 2006
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Table of Contents

Foreword, Introduction, Preface

Iraq's Transformation and International Law
Ruth Wedgwood

Iraq and the Law of Armed Conflict
Thomas M. Franck

International Law and the 2003 Campaign Against Iraq
Nicholas Rostow

Jus in Bello Issues Arising in the Hostilities in Iraq in 2003
Yoram Dinstein

Query: Is There a Status of "Unlawful Combatant"?
Marco Sassoli

Special Forces' Wear of Non-Standard Uniforms
W. Hays Parks

Strategic Targeting and International Law: The Ambiguity of Law Meets the Reality of a Single-Superpower World
Jeffrey K. Walker

Air Power, Accuracy, and the Law of Targeting: Why No Brave New World?
Adam Roberts

Targeting and Humanitarian Law: Current Issues
Michael N. Schmitt

Coalition Operations and the Law
M. H. MacDougall

Current Legal Issues in Maritime Operations: Maritime Interception Operations in the Global War on Terrorism, Exclusion Zones, Hospital Ships, and Maritime Neutrality
Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg

The Legal Efficacy of Freedom of Navigation Assertions
Dale Stephens

Military Activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone: Preventing Uncertainty and Defusing Conflict
Hyun-Soo Kim

The Unique and Protected Status of Hospital Ships under the Law of Armed Conflict
D. L. Grimord and G. W. Riggs

Legal and Tactical Dilemmas Inherent in Fighting Terror: Experience of the Israeli Army in Jenin and Bethlehem (April-May 2002)
Alan Baker

International Humanitarian Law: Should It Be Reaffirmed, Clarified, or Developed?
Jean-Phillippe Lavoyer

Enforcing the Law
John F. Murphy

Protection of Cultural Property: The Legal Aspects
Jan Hladik

The Law of Armed Conflict and the War on Terrorism
David E. Graham

Interoperability and the Atlantic Divide: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Charles H. B. Garraway