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Edited by Kenneth Watkin and Andrew J. Norris, 2012
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Table Of Contents

Introduction and Preface

"Small Wars": The Legal Challenges
Kenneth Watkin

Will-o' -the-Wisp? The Search for Law in Non-International Armed Conflicts
John F. Murphy

Defining Non-International Armed Conflict: A Historically Difficult Task
David E. Graham

Self-defense Targeting: Blurring the Line between the Jus ad Bellum and the Jus in Bello
Geoffrey S. Corn

War and Peace: Where is the Divide?
Charles Garraway

The Status of Opposition Fighters in a Non-International Armed Conflict
Michael N. Schmitt

Present and Future Conceptions of the Status of Government Forces in Non-International Armed Conflict
Sean Watts

Toward a Limited Consensus on the Loss of Civilian Immunity in Non-International Armed Conflict: Making Progress through Practice
Stephen Pomper

Differences in the Law of Weaponry When Applied to Non-International Armed Conflicts
William H. Boothby

Methods and Means of Naval Warfare in Non-International Armed Conflicts
Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg

Perfidy in Non-International Armed Conflicts
Richard B. Jackson

Non-International Armed Conflicts in the Philippines
Raymundo B. Ferrer and Randolph G. Cabangbang

Twenty-First-Century Challenges: The Use of Military Forces to Combat Criminal Threats
Juan Carlos Gomez

An Australian Perspective on Non-International Armed Conflict: Afghanistan and East Timor
Rob McLaughlin

Detention of Terrorists in the Twenty-first Century
William K. Lietzau

Detention in Non-International Armed Conflicts
Knut Dormann

International Enforcement in Non-International Armed Conflict: Searching for Synergy among Legal Regimes in the Case of Libya
John Cerone

Concluding Remarks on Non-International Armed Conflicts
Yoram Dinstein