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The Strategic Research Department (SRD) makes two essential contributions to the teaching and research missions of the Naval War College.

First, SRD is a center for regional security expertise and analysis in four broad areas of the globe: Eurasia, the Asia-Pacific region, the Greater Middle East and Latin America. SRD faculty members have in-country experience, historical knowledge, and critical languages (including Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish). They teach regionally-oriented electives and research issues of importance to the numbered Fleets, combatant commanders and other government agencies.

Second, SRD provides functional areas of expertise with direct relevance to naval strategy, policy and operations. SRD faculty members have substantive expertise in national security decision-making, naval strategy and doctrine, nonproliferation/counter-proliferation, nuclear strategy, civil-military relations and military transformation among others.

SRD faculty members undertake commissioned research, generate new research and analysis that will be of interest to the Navy leadership, and teach elective courses. They produce a range of briefings, research papers, articles, books and lectures for numerous "customers" and other interested parties. The department hosts a variety of research symposia and workshops with participants drawn from Navy, other departments of the U.S. government, academia, the private sector, and from countries across the globe.

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For more information about the Strategic Research Department, please contact:

Strategic Research Department
United States Naval War College
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Phone: 401-841-6568 or 401-841-6575
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