William McCarty Little (1846-1915) served the Naval War College for
  thirty years and made a lasting contribution. A lieutenant who had lost
  the sight of one eye, he had been forced to leave the active service. He
  offered his unpaid services as a volunteer staff member to Admiral Luce
  in the first year of operation and established the College’s first small
  library. He introduced war gaming to the College in 1886 and went on
  to become the College’s and the U.S. Navy’s first expert in naval war
  gaming. In 1903, Congress recognized his unparalleled contributions to
  the Naval War College by a special act that promoted him from   
  lieutenant to captain and permanently assigned him to the faculty of the
  Naval War College. He remained on the faculty continuing to develop
  naval war gaming until he retired in January 1915. McCarty Little Hall
  was named in his honor in 1999.
  “Now the great secret of its power lies in the existence of the
  enemy, a live, vigorous enemy in the next room waiting feverishly
  to take advantage of any of our mistakes, ever ready to puncture
  any visionary scheme, to haul us down to earth.”

LT William McCarty Little, 1887







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