The War Gaming Department conducts various operational and theater strategic level student games in
   support of the College’s Joint Professional Military Education. Two Joint Military Operations
   CAPSTONE Exercises are conducted annually, one for the Intermediate Level College and one for the
   Senior Level College resident students as the culminating event of their trimesters. These CAPSTONE
   Exercises are the largest and most resource intensive events played, with more than 300 students
   participating in each. War Gaming also provides a wide range of gaming support to various courses,
   departments and organizations within the Naval War College and on Naval Station Newport to
   include: Maritime Advanced Warfighting School, Maritime Staff Operators Course, Joint Forces 
   Maritime Component Course, Senior Enlisted Academy, Officer Training Command Newport, and the
   Surface Warfare Officer School.

   War Gaming Theory and Practice is one of three NWC electives that make up the Joint Analysis for the 
   Warfare Commander Elective Program. This course provides students with an in depth understanding of
   the role of War Gaming in strategic thinking and operational warfare and analysis, sufficient to make the
   student an intelligent and critical consumer of war games. The course addresses war gaming theory and
   principles as they relate to the practical issues of designing, executing and analyzing war games through
   readings, discussion, and war game play. Students design a war game to deal with a set of
   operational/strategic problems chosen during the course under instructor guidance, and test their design
   by playing and analyzing it both during the session and during the week between sessions.
   The curriculum's design centers on the key policy and organizational design problems that future military
   leaders are likely to confront in Homeland Security/Homeland Defense and the analytic skills they will
   need to meet those challenges. Each class requires students to master the core issues, principles and
   problem-solving approaches for the topic in question, and apply those fundamentals to the specific
   challenges. The sequenced classes will strengthen the overall cohesion of the curriculum, and enhance its
   effectiveness as professional education. 
   The War Gaming Department has a rich history of providing support and exchanging ideas with several
   prestigious educational institutions in order to assist in the development of realistic experiential learning in
   national security issues conducted at the strategic and operational level. Some of these institutions
   are: Naval Post Graduate School, Army War College, Air Force Warfighting Institute, Marine Corps  
   War College, National Defense University, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Intelligence
   University, Tufts University, and Middlebury College.
   The War Gaming Department teaches comprehensive war gaming concepts to enduring and emerging
   international partners at the operational navy and war college levels. These countries include Canada,
   Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Australia, Italy and India. These
   partnerships affirm and support the Naval War College’s missions to strengthen global maritime
   partnerships and educate and develop leaders, furthering the pursuit of global maritime security. 
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