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Naval War College Monterey is a satellite office of the United States Naval War College, College of Distance Education (CDE) located on campus at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California.

U.S. Naval War College (NWC) students and staff had the opportunity to observe how the world of national security looks from the boardroom when Philip O’Neill, one of the country’s leading international business arbiters (and the former Nomura Lecturer in Law on International Arbitration at Harvard Law School) spoke on the intersection of international business and national security during a lecture of opportunity at NWC in Newport, Rhode Island.

Naval Postgraduate School

In partnership with NPS, we provide qualified officers and select DoD civilians attending NPS with the opportunity to earn a Naval War College Command & Staff program diploma. The NWC program is designed to educate professional naval officers in areas that will enhance their performance in command and in decision making positions on major staffs. NWC Command & Staff program graduates are eligible for “joint coded” billets and those officers can negotiate class dates for the Joint Forces Staff College (JPME phase II) with their detailers or await assignment to a senior level service school.

As part of the agreement between NWC and NPS we have structured the program at NPS so that students enrolled a Master's Degree program are able to earn a NWC, College of Distance Education Command and Staff diploma in four quarters. The agreement stipulated a level of effort equating four separate 4-credit hour courses which can be achieved by enrolling in one course per quarter. Students who successfully complete both programs would leave NPS with their Masters Degree, subspecialty code, NWC diploma and JPME Phase I credit.

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