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On-line Registration for Spring Electives will open March 2 for AOS committed students March 3rd for those students NOT restricted to an Area of Study (AOS=0)

Each academic year the Electives Program offers approximately 120 courses designed and taught by Naval War College professors and adjunct professors from M.I.T, the Fletcher School, and elsewhere.  An extensive Electives Program expands both the breadth and depth of the College’s educational offerings by providing opportunities to explore subjects not included in the core curriculum or to investigate in greater detail specific elements of that curriculum.  All U.S. students shall enroll in one elective each trimester in order to receive JPME credit and the Master of Arts degree. International officers may take an unclassified elective on an ungraded basis and are encouraged to do so each trimester.

Those students wishing to choose from all course offerings must select “AoS 0-N/A.”  The
Course Catalogue (PDF) link allows the student to see all offerings during the upcoming Academic Year.  The Catalogue is organized into Areas of Study and provides a brief description of each course and the trimester it is offered.

There are also Areas of Study designed for group study.  Interested students apply and then are selected to participate in one of these programs. Programs include the Halsey Groups, Gravely Naval Research Group, the Mahan Scholars, and the Joint Land Aerospace Sea Simulation (JLASS-EX).  See the
Area of Study Description (PDF) link for additional information.

Navy students may earn an additional qualification designator (AQD), permanently identifying the key skills and competencies developed over the course of study.  To complete an AQD, Navy students must complete three courses in one of the Areas of Study that offer an AQD. Area of Study Description (PDF)

Elective courses meet for three hours per week for ten weeks and constitute twenty percent of a student’s total academic effort.  A student may partially fulfill the Elective Program requirement by conducting a directed research project.  For further information on Individual Advanced Research Projects, please visit the Electives Office, H-248.


Overall, the Electives Program provides an outstanding opportunity to develop the life of the mind and pursue a variety of graduate-level intellectual challenges.


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