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1. What can I expect after reporting?

You will sign into the Army Office at the Navy War College, complete your initial in processing and be
provided guidance from there. Your first official duty will be the Army In brief which is typically
scheduled the day before the USNWC in brief. The Army in-brief will take several hours and is designed
to provide an overview of how the Army integrates into the USNWC. The USNWC orientation is two
days in duration, and provides an overview of the College, and what to expect over the coming year. It
also provides time to complete some of the in processing requirements prior to the beginning of classes.
Upon completion of the USNWC Orientation, you will be provided details on when to report for classes.

2. Do I need to go through the Housing Office?

The USN Housing office resides in Building 690 (next to the commissary). They provide referral
services for incoming students and permanent party personnel. Balfour Communities is contracted to
manage USN Housing. They have several communities they manage in the local area, and provide
housing primarily to personnel assigned to Newport Naval Station. Personnel may also seek housing on
the local economy. Avenues to pursue housing include Craigslist, local realtors, and on-line rental

3. How do I get a map of the base?

Hard copies will be provided by the Dean of Students upon your arrival. Simplified directions to get you to the Naval War College are available HERE.   

4. What is the uniform?

The uniform for most classes is business casual (slacks, collared shirt, dress shoes). The uniform for the
Army in brief and NWC Orientation is the Army ASU. The ASU is worn during special occasions and
during briefings by distinguished visitors. As stated in the Army Student In-process Requirements memo, incoming personnel should bring necessary uniform items with them. Limited items are available at the Navy Clothing Sales store.

5. How will I register for electives when I haven’t in-processed yet?

An account has already been set up for you long before you arrive in Newport. The NWC Dean of Students provides user name/password and instructions on how to register in the welcome letter. The website for registration and for signing-up for electives is