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What do I wear to check in?
See the welcome aboard letter from the Dean of Students Office for guidance on appropriate attire for check in.
Which gate do I use?  How do I get to the War College?
If you are utilizing a GPS System to navigate to Naval Station Newport, the address "1 Training Station Road, Newport, RI" will take you to the Main Gate (Gate 1).  If you need a pass or ID, the Pass and ID Center is located on the right-hand side of the road prior to entering the gate.  Once through Gate 1, make a left at the stop sign and follow the hill up and around until you arrive at the Naval War College gate, just past the museum. 
What are the hours for the various gates?

Naval Station Newport
Gate 1:  Open 24/7
Gate 7 (Navy Clinic):  0600-1900 Monday-Saturday
Gate 17 (Burma Road/Defense Highway):  0600-2100 Monday-Friday (closed holidays)
Naval War College Gate
0545-2100 Monday-Friday with NWC Badge.  0600-2400 Saturday, Sunday and holidays

Naval War College Access
NWC has single entry point at Conelly Quarterdeck from 2100 Friday to 0500 Monday morning.  
Where do I park?
When you first arrive, the guard at the NWC gate will direct you to available parking.  If there is no parking available inside the NWC compound, it is recommended that you either park at the Officer’s Club or in the Gym 109 parking lot.  Parking at NWC is limited and space is insufficient to accommodate each individual's vehicle.  Carpooling is encouraged.  

What sort of attire do I need as a student?
You are expected to check in wearing the uniform prescribed in the welcome aboard letter.  You should also have in their possession the uniform required for the photo, also listed in the letter.

Given the unique professional, academic environment at the Naval War College, students will wear civilian clothing as their primary “uniform.”  On those occasions where a military uniform is required, the Weekly Schedule or an email from the Dean of Students will specify the appropriate uniform or civilian attire equivalent.
The appropriate civilian attire for students during the work day is business casual.  Appropriate dress for men includes:  a long-sleeved dress shirt (no tie), suit-quality dress slacks, and dress shoes. Appropriate dress for women includes:  a dress or dress blouse, suit-quality dress slacks or skirt, and dress shoes.  Turtlenecks (not mock-style turtleneck) are also acceptable.  For evening lectures, a coat and tie may be specified.
After hours (1800-0700 and on holidays and weekends) students may wear more casual attire.  Good judgment should be applied.  Inappropriate articles include:  T-shirts, sweat-shirts/pants, shorts, torn or soiled clothing, offensive material, and flip-flops.
In the summer months, business casual attire should be maintained during working hours; however, short-sleeved collared shirts may be worn between the June graduation and Labor Day.  Please review the NWC Attire Policy, NWC Instruction 1021.1, located on the NWC intranet and in Appendix C, for more specifics.
What Naval station services are available to non-military students?
NWC non-military students are authorized the use of the following Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) facilities:  Auto Hobby Shop, Base Library, Ticket Connection, Gym 109, Training Pool, Officers' Club, Bowling Center, Veterinary Clinic, Carr Point Recreation Area and MWR gear rental.  NWC non-military students are also authorized to use MWR marina berthing and boat rentals.

Use of MWR activities by civilian personnel is established at a priority status below military patrons, and subject to the payment of fees at a level higher than required of military patrons.  Non-military students (civilian and DOD civilians) are granted limited Exchange and Commissary privileges; please see the Dean of Students Office for specific guidance.
Access to the base after normal working hours requires a military identification card.  Civilian students must coordinate the issuance of a Common Access Card (CAC) if they are not in possession of one from their agency.  Other family members will need to apply for a NAVSTA identification card.  Spouses and driving-age family members, accompanied by their civilian sponsor, should stop at the NWC Security Office to fill out the information required during their working hours.
What sort of computer facilities does USNWC have available?  Can I use my personal laptop?  Is there Wifi?
Computers for student use are currently located on all three decks of Hewitt Hall as well as Mahan Hall, Weakly Hall, Luce Hall, and the library.  CAC cards are required to log on to NWC computers.  With the exception of classified spaces, the use of personal computers is authorized and Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus; however, only NWC computers can access the intranet.

What official and personal mail services are available to students?
It is the responsibility of the Mail recipient to notify mailers of their proper address to facilitate accurate and prompt delivery of official mail. Incoming official mail should be addressed in the following manner:
Official student mail for those students not authorized a locking mailbox should be addressed with an ATTENTION line at the very top, which also contains the student’s graduation date in parenthesis. This mail will be delivered by notifying the student via their assigned email address.

CDR Jane Smith (CNW-06/2013)
NEWPORT, RI  02841-1207

Personal student mail for those students authorized a locking mailbox should be addressed with an ATTENTION line at the very top, and the assigned mailbox number on the second line. (The use of the word Suite or the abbreviation STE allows for greater shipping flexibility via UPS, FedEx, etc. to student mailbox address.)
ATTN: [RANK] Name                            Example: CDR JANE SMITH
SUITE Grad month & year – box #          SUITE: JUNE2013 – BOX 100
686 CUSHING ROAD                           686 CUSHING ROAD
NEWPORT, RI  02841-1207                 NEWPORT, RI  02841-1207
Students and personnel who are eligible to receive personal mail should make special effort to insure all incoming personal mail is addressed properly to facilitate accurate and prompt delivery. 
My spouse is looking for the “Pink Book.” Where can I find one?
Off the Record (AKA: The Pink Book) is available from the Newport Officer’s Spouse’s Club.  Information on the Spouses’ Club can be found at
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