Research & Study Groups

U.S. Naval War College (NWC) hires faculty members with regional expertise and analysis in all areas of the globe. Academic, research, and gaming faculty members possessing regional and cultural knowledge participate in the school’s regional studies groups, through which the college promotes major research, exchange, and educational relationships with counterpart institutions around the world.

The War Gaming Department is located in McCarty Little Hall, a 110,000 square foot war gaming facility which opened in 1999.

Advanced Research Programs

The Advanced Research Programs (ARPs) allow qualified students to take individual research projects for elective credit. The projects are proposed in the student’s first trimester at the college with preliminary research done in the second trimester. The student’s final trimester is used to complete the research and produce a written product. These projects, supervised by faculty advisors with expertise in the areas studied, are subject to review and approval by the Advanced Research Council and the President of NWC.

For more information on ARPs, please contact the Strategic and Operational Research Department.

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Individual Regional & Specialized Projects

NWC’s regional studies groups have become strategic assets in the war on terrorism and in future military operations, they have also helped to support the Chief of Naval Operations maritime security cooperation initiatives. Students are invited to participate as their schedule permits during their academic year. Faculty from these regional studies groups teach regionally-oriented electives and research issues of crucial importance to the numbered Fleets, Combatant Commanders, and other government agencies.

For more information on Regional & Specialized Study Groups, please contact the Electives Office at (401) 841-3261 or