Joint Military Operations

The Joint Military Operations (JMO) Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) curriculum focuses on joint warfighting at the theater-strategic and operational levels of war. The JMO Senior-level Course (SLC) is an in-depth study of the theater-strategic and operational levels of war across the spectrum of conflict.

Ivan Luke, course director and associate professor of Joint Maritime Operations (JMO) at U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island works with students during the JMO Reserve Officer Course.

Joint Military Operations Curriculum

The JMO SLC curriculum builds on Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase I and prepares students for the operational arena by emphasizing problem solving operational planning and joint force application to achieve military objectives. It examines joint operations from the standpoint of the combatant commander (CCDR) and Joint Task Force (JTF) commander with a maritime emphasis. It further develops joint attitudes and perspectives, exposes officers to, and increases their understanding of, service cultures while concentrating on joint staff operations.

How the JMO Trimester is Designed

  • Enhance students’ ability to develop operational concepts, to adeptly apply joint planning processes, and to leverage creatively the instruments of national power across the spectrum of conflict in achieving assigned objectives.
  • Strengthen senior leadership skills necessary to excel in major staff responsibilities and in theater-strategic positions of leadership, and to serve as trusted advisors to policy makers.
  • Develop skilled senior warfighters, able to synthesize valid courses of action and to function in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous operating environments.
  • Hone critical and creative thinking skills, especially the ability to develop and evaluate a range of potential solutions to ill-structured problems. Joint Maritime Operati.

The JMO course prepares future military and civilian leaders for high-level policy, command, and staff positions requiring joint planning expertise and joint warfighting skills. It emphasizes the theory and practice of operational art as it relates to maritime and joint forces.

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