The Fleet Seminar Program (FSP) is offered on an academic year basis, commencing in early September and ending in mid-May. During the April 1st- May 31st enrollment period new students apply for FSP; continuing students submit their upcoming course preferences as well as update their personal information.

U.S. Naval War College campus
Please Note: Students are expected to keep the College of Distance Education informed of changes in the student's eligibility status, current address, phone numbers, email address, parent command, and current CO/supervisor contact information.


Typically, a student will take three years to complete all core courses: Strategy and War, Theater Security Decision Making, and Joint Maritime Operations. Each course requires one academic year to complete and may be completed in any order. Each course requires up to 12 hours of time per week outside the classroom.

All Students: Important Dates
  • April 1st - May 31st: New students must submit an application; continuing students must submit a course request(s) and update their personal information.
  • May 31st: Applications and course requests for all students are due. See below to submit a late application or course request.
  • End of June: Students are notified of course enrollment.
  • End of July: U.S. Naval War College begins shipping course materials.
  • September 2, 2024: Classes begin this week.

Please Note: Students who do not receive a course seat will remain under consideration for possible enrollment until the end of the add/drop period on September 12, 2024.

Course locations change each academic year, please visit the Locations & Availability page for the latest update.

Enrollment Procedure

The enrollment period is open 1 April – 31 May.

FSP is an online application, to ensure you are eligible for the program please review the eligibility section.

Please Note: In some locations network security will interfere with progression past the first screen. Please complete at another location off the network, or on a cellular device.

New Students

New students must submit an application.

  • Course preferences are now included as part of the application.
  • New students will be enrolled in only one course.
  • Student applications are reviewed for eligibility and accuracy.
  • After the application review, applicants will receive an email regarding application approval. For approved applicants this email will also provide students with CAC cards additional instructions to prioritize their course preferences.
  • Changes to personal information provide after the initial application submission may result in additional eligibility review requirements.

Continuing Students

Continuing students must submit their course request/preferences and update their personal information during the enrollment period.

Students With a Card Login

A Federal Government Issued PKI token card or a Common Access Card (CAC) is required to login to the U.S. Naval War College Student Information System. Active-duty military, Coast Guard and DoD civilian employees with CACs must use the ‘via CAC’ link below.

Students Without a Card Login

Students without a PKI token or CAC.

Dual Enrollment

While dual enrollment is not recommended due to the heavy academic workload and is also dependent upon seating availability, students that are interested can request to enroll in two courses (dual-enroll) their second year.

Course Withdrawal and Re-enrollment

Withdrawals may be either voluntary or involuntary; students are encouraged to withdraw voluntarily when the constraints of time and circumstance prevent course completion.

A student may receive credit for work successfully completed unless a substantial revision in the interim or an extensive delay since withdrawal has happened. Prompt return of books and compliance with deadlines is essential to ensure an availability of materials for other students.

Please Note: On a case-by-case basis, students may be enrolled in the following academic year at the point they were withdrawn from a course, if they maintain eligibility.

Voluntarily Withdrawal and Re-enrollment

Voluntary Withdrawal

Requests for voluntary withdrawals can be emailed to the FSP Program Manager at Newport, Rhode Island stating the reasons for the withdrawal. These reasons are helpful in the review of administrative procedures and course content.

For students desiring to withdrawal, please email FSP@usnwc.edu.

Please Note: Such withdrawals are without prejudice.


A student who voluntarily withdraws and would like to re-enroll can email the FSP Program Manager at Newport, Rhode Island stating the reasons for the re-enrollment.

For students desiring to re-enroll, please email your reasoning to FSP@usnwc.edu.

Involuntarily Withdrawal and Re-enrollment

Involuntary Withdrawal

Involuntary withdrawals are initiated by FSP as a result of the student's failure to meet deadlines or academic standards, fulfill attendance obligations, or (on a case basis) maintain eligibility.


A student who is interested in re-enrollment and has been involuntary withdrawn must submit a handwritten letter to the Dean of College of Distance Education, U.S. Naval War College, explaining the circumstances involved.

Each request to re-enroll will be considered on its own merits. For students desiring to re-enroll, please email your request to FSP@usnwc.edu.

Discover More on Fleet Seminar Program

To find out if you are eligible to apply for the Fleet Seminar Program, please visit the Eligibility & Overview page for more information. For the latest on course locations please visit the Locations & Availability page.