U.S. Naval War College’s Luce Hall on Coasters Harbor Island in Newport, Rhode Island.

College of Leadership and Ethics

The College of Leadership and Ethics (CLE) works through three lines of effort: education, research and outreach. The leadership and ethics area of study in the electives program and core curriculum is the key focus of CLE education. CLE’s leadership research, assessment, and analysis helps develop various leader development course curricula. CLE outreach includes support for leader development in various U.S. Navy communities.

U.S. Naval War College during spring with cherry blossoms.

College of Leadership and Ethics Offerings

Professional Development

Broaden your understanding of leadership and ethics by pursuing courses for flag officers and their civilian senior executive service equivalents.

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We offer support to the community for leadership development, ethical decision-making, critical thinking, moral reasoning, and cultural competence.

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Core Curriculum

Students will explore advance military and civilian leader's knowledge and develop skills that will help them to understand themselves and those they lead.

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College of Leadership & Ethics