Advanced Flag and Senior Executive Course

The Advanced Flag and Executive Course (AFLEX) brings together 3-star Flag and Senior Executive Service members (SES) navigating a whole new level of rapid change and dynamism in their roles to build a culture of excellence, warfighter resilience and readiness, and learning organizations with a growth mindset.
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday, left, meets with Indian navy Chief of Naval Staff Adm. Karambir Singh.

General Information


The Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) selects U.S. and International 3-star flag officers and SESes to join the annual AFLEX cohort.

Location & Duration

The 5-day course is held in Washington, D.C. in December. Virtual sessions often follow from January through June.

Learning Format

The AFLEX framework combines senior Navy leader vision and guidance with summit-style executive speaker presentations and CLE-delivered exercises. The course addresses a range of concepts in leader development – including strategic culture, the future of national security, and civil-military relationships.


AFLEX is designed to be intellectually challenging and provide space for all cohort leaders to explore these concepts as they consider how to best apply these ideas to the demanding and evolving 21st-century global conflict and cooperation environment.

Program Structure


Program Outcomes

Required | Core Requirement
Gain knowledge from top experts and practitioners. Apply new ideas and identify ways to measure growth and success. Enculturate a continuous learning organization.

Program Outcomes

Required | Core Requirement
Work with senior Navy leadership to identify key organizational opportunities and risks and key Navy/DoD strategic development areas. Benchmark Navy/DoD practices against outside organizations and analyze what works and what does not work in today’s context.

Program Outcomes

Required | Core Requirements
Share experiences, build relationships, and leverage a powerful network of AFLEX cohort peers, senior leaders, and leading corporate speakers.

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