Academic Policies

The flag-level, senior-level, intermediate-level, and primary level professional military education programs designed, developed and delivered by the college are not intended to prepare officers for a specific follow-on assignment, but rather to provide a systematic way to develop leaders and to improve and discipline the way they think. These educational opportunities foster the required mental flexibility and discipline to cope with the intellectual demands inherent in positions of increased responsibility.

Attendees of the 33rd Annual Black Ships Festival in Newport, Rhode Island stand during the presentation of the Japanese and American national anthems.
Attendees of the 33rd Annual Black Ships Festival in Newport, Rhode Island stand during the presentation of the Japanese and American national anthems. Presented by the Japan-America Society of Rhode Island, the festival is an educational and entertaining cultural exchange that honors Commodore Matthew C. Perry and the establishment of friendly trade relations between the United States and Japan. Perry, a Newport native, negotiated the treaty and brought the two countries together as trading partners for the first time in history. 160715-N-RX668-074 NEWPORT, R.I. (July 15, 2016)

Resident Students

All U.S. resident students in the College of Naval Warfare (CNW) and the College of Naval Command and Staff (CNCS) will be examined and graded in the three trimester studies prescribed by the departments of Strategy and Policy, National Security Affairs, and Joint Military Operations. The final academic grade will be derived by equally weighting and averaging numerical results obtained in the three trimesters.

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College of Naval Warfare

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International Officers

International officers may voluntarily take all exams. The faculty evaluates their academic work and provides substantive, written feedback, but does not assign grades to these products. Additionally, the Field Studies Program is designed to give a balanced understanding of the United States culture and institutions as well as American political, social, and economic life. It also provides an increased awareness of the basic issues of internationally recognized human rights. International officers are also encouraged to participate in the electives program.

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Naval Command College

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Elective Programs

In the electives program, students will be graded on a High Pass/Pass/Fail basis. Each student must take one elective per trimester that will require an allocation of about 20 percent of his/her effort, with the balance being directed to the prescribed program. All prescribed, elective, and special program requirements must be satisfactorily completed prior to graduation.

Academic Honor Code

The Naval War College diligently enforces a strict academic code requiring students to credit properly the source of materials directly cited in any written work submitted in fulfillment of diploma/degree requirements. Simply put: plagiarism is prohibited. Likewise, this academic code prohibits cheating and the misrepresentation of a paper as a student’s original thought.

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