CIPI Gravely Program

The Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute (CIPI) Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., Program is a Directed Research Project. This graduate-level program guides advanced student research on cyber operations and the information environment.

Director, CIPI Gravely Program

About this Program

In honor of this program's namesake, CIPI Gravely students do trailblazing work under demanding circumstances. Each student conducts research on cybersecurity and information-related capabilities, informed by rigorous social scientific theories and analytical methods. This work results in publication-quality writing to help shape operational and strategic thinking for the Navy and Joint Force.

CIPI Gravely students are supervised by CIPI faculty.

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This program builds on the legacy of the late Dr. Will Bundy, who established the Gravely Group at the U.S. Naval War College in 2010 to advance the study of emerging technologies and military innovation. This innovative vision lives on in CIPI Gravely.

Program Curriculum

This program is completed in conjunction with the U.S. Naval War College, College of Naval Warfare senior level and College of Naval Command and Staff intermediate level core curriculum.

This specialized program is conducted during the elective time slot and is normally one trimester. With permission, it can be extended to two trimesters. It culminates in a well-researched, faculty-mentored professional paper.

Signing Up

Students who volunteer are competitively selected by CIPI faculty based on proven performance, desire, and the complementary skillsets required to analyze select research questions.

For more information on the Gravely Group, contact Students may apply for this program during the ARP fair at the beginning of each trimester.