Latin America Studies Group

The detailed study of Latin America strives to situate the U.S. in the greater regional context of diverse peoples, cultures, histories, and influences. While often overlooked, this region is of ever-increasing importance to U.S. national security interests.

Professor Larry McCabe

About The Latin America Studies Group

Latin America is a vast region, located historically and geographically proximate to the United States, where illegal immigration, drug cartels, crime, corruption and gangs are all symptoms of extreme poverty, weak institutions, poor governance and education, and slow and unequal economic development.  

In Latin America, as in North America, three proud people – the indigenous Native American, European and African – were brought together by circumstances and through conflict to transform themselves into the extraordinary, diverse mix of contemporary cultures.


The Latin American Studies program explores the history, culture, politics, and economics of this fascinating, important region. The program seeks to create a more comprehensive, shared understanding of how this important region impacts the security and stability not only of the U.S. but across the interconnected global commons.   

2019-20 Elective Course Catalog