Asia-Pacific Studies Group

The Asia-Pacific Studies Group (APSG) is comprised of faculty and students at the U.S. Naval War College with expertise, experience, or interest in China, Taiwan, Japan, North and South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Oceania, regional maritime affairs, and U.S. policy and military strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.

About The Asia-Pacific Studies Group

The APSG serves as a catalyst, coordinator, and implementer of contemporary research to serve the needs of the Navy, U.S. Pacific Command, and the broader U.S. Government community responsible for formulating policy, strategy, and planning related to Asia and the Pacific region. At the Naval War College, the group serves as a focal point for information sharing related to major policy developments within the region, and U.S. policy.  

In addition to assisting U.S. national security policy makers, the APSG serves as one of the Naval War College’s primary forums for addressing a full range of Asia-Pacific strategy and policy issues. The APSG hosts guest speakers and convenes periodic seminars for members to report on current research. The group performs an important outreach function for the college by facilitating faculty participation in major conferences and research activities in the Asia-Pacific region and in the United States.

APSG works with the China Maritime Studies Institute, the Indian Ocean Studies Group, and the John A. van Beuren Chair of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Naval War College to promote greater regional awareness. Furthermore, the APSG undertakes periodic interactions with other military colleges across the region and with major research organizations devoted to Asia and the Pacific.


Finally, APSG performs a coordinating function with the academic electives program on the growing array of course offerings on the region and on U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy, enabling students to increase their knowledge of this important region and to fulfill the requirements for the College’s Asia-Pacific Studies Concentration. The Asia-Pacific area of studies offers a broad selection of courses from basic surveys on specific countries to more specialized topics of importance to the Navy such as Chinese maritime development.

2020-21 Elective Course Catalog