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College of Maritime Operational Warfare

The College of Maritime Operational Warfare (CMOW) at Naval War College is dedicated to improving the leadership capabilities of Navy commanders, as well as to help Navy staff members function cohesively in maritime operations centers.

Preparing for ethical and tactical challenges at sea

CMOW offers a number of short-term professional development programs at our Newport campus and abroad. Geared toward intermediate and senior officers, our professional military education (PME) courses support combat readiness at the operational level of war.

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In addition to preparing military leaders, CMOW also offers special programs for international navies and civilians which focus on collaboration during global times of need.

PMEs at a Glance

Executive Operational Level of War Courses (ELOC)

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Combined Force Maritime Component Commander Course (CFMCC)

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Joint Force Maritime Commander Course (JFMCC)

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Maritime Staff Operators Course (MOSC)

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Maritime Operational Planners Course (MOPC)

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Additional CMOW Programs

Student Organizations

NWC’s Assist and Assess Teams provide on-site training and operational support to maritime operations centers.

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Humanitarian Response Program

We partner with NGOs, higher education institutions, and other organizations to advance military-civilian coordination during natural disasters.

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International Maritime Staff Officers Course

This 12-week program for international officers strengthens alliances between navies and supports multinational maritime operations.

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