Joint Force Maritime Component Commander Course

The Joint Force Maritime Component Commander (JFMCC) course is part of a series of professional military education (PME) courses. JFMCC is flag-level PME for U.S. officers that is designed to prepare future maritime component commanders, as well as officers and officials who will work closely with them, to plan and execute complex maritime operations.
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General Information


Students are selected to attend JFMCC, candidates are U.S. Flag Officers (07+).

Location & Duration

The one-week course for students is taught at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island once a year.

Learning Format

This course is primarily seminar format but includes faculty-moderated sessions meant to encourage discussion among students.


Students in JFMCC will gain an understanding of concepts, systems, language, and processes necessary at the component level to effectively employ naval forces.

Program Structure

Course Overview

Preparing Future Leaders

Students will address the challenges confronting the commander at the Operational Level of War in the maritime domain; these operational concerns are the basis for course discussions and study.

Exploring Concepts & Capabilities

This course explores JFMCC concepts and doctrine, operational-level capabilities, command and control processes and applications, and the considerations and expectations of the Joint Force Commander as well as supporting functional component commanders.

Graduates of JFMCC

Graduates of JFMCC gain the ability to articulate the role of Maritime Component Commander in the design of a campaign plan to achieve the effects desired by the Joint Force Commander.

Student Information

Contact Information

JFMCC Flag Course Coordinator

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