Joint Force Maritime Component Commander Course

Joint Force Maritime Component Commander and Combined Force Maritime Component Commander are the third courses in a series of three Professional Military Education courses. The courses are designed to prepare U.S. (JFMCC) and International (CFMCC) for theater-level combat leadership and to give them a broad perspective of operational and strategic levels of war.
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General Information


Executive level PME/JPME for U.S. flag and general officers.

Location & Duration

JFMCC courses are normally held in at the Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, RI and are of one-week duration.

Learning Format

The JFMCC Flag Course addresses the practical challenges confronting the maritime operational commander. Actual regional concerns, and the JFMCC capabilities to address those concerns, are the basis for course discussions and study. The course also brings in experienced subject matter experts as session instructors.


Develop perspectives necessary to effectively employ naval forces in a joint, coalition, or interagency environment.

Program Structure

Practical Challenges

Regional Concerns and CFMCC Capabilities

Actual regional concerns, and the CFMCC capabilities to address those concerns, are the basis for course discussions and study. Principles of transparency, non-attribution, and mutual respect for participants provide a comfortable forum for open discussion of issues to facilitate a better understanding of the various perspectives involved in a combined force.

Concepts and Doctrine

Existing CFMCC Concepts and Doctrine

The course considers existing CFMCC concepts and doctrine, operational-level capabilities, command and control processes and applications, and the considerations and expectations of the combined force commander as well as supporting functional component commanders.

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While you’re attending NWC, you’ll have time to take a break from coursework to explore Newport and the New England region, from seaports and mansions to festivals and downtown entertainment. You will also have the chance to participate in social events, student organizations, and intramural athletics. We offer support services to all of our students, including an orientation program and access to a writing center. Our library is open 24/7.

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