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The Executive Level Operational Level of War (OLW) course is the second course in series of four Professional Military Education courses and focuses at the senior leadership (O-6) level. This course will ensure the attendees are properly educated in and understand the intricacies of effectively participating in the decision making process and managing a Maritime Operations Center (MOC) and its resources.
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General Information


The primary target audience includes Active Component personnel and activated Reserve Component officers serving as principals to the numbered fleet CDR.

Location & Duration

ELOC is a one week course held three times a year at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, RI.

Learning Format

This course revolves around four (4) basic elements. Each element contains a number of distinct faculty-moderated sessions meant to encourage discussion among students followed by application in case study-based planning and execution efforts.


The ELOC will provide a comprehensive approach for how maritime staffs must act to translate strategic objectives into operational actions in a proactive manner to ensure favorable outcomes and achievement of those objectives in a complex operational environment. Students will gain an appreciation of the critical role of senior staff leadership within the MOC to enable simultaneous maritime operations.

Program Structure

Basic Element One


Required | Core Course
Foundations briefly discusses the major national strategy and concept documents governing the U.S. military and how the maritime specific documents will apply to the Maritime / Navy Component (MCC/NCC) level. Also discussed are Operational Art, the Operational Level of War, Operational Law and the basic organization constructs.

Basic Element Two

Decision Making

Required | Core Course
Decision Making discusses in detail the Operations Process, the Navy Planning Process and the Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment, and the emerging Design process.

Basic Element Three

Navy OLW Organization

Required | Core Course
Navy OLW Organization explores the fundamental concepts, description and characteristics of a MOC in a working environment with a focus toward forming a C/JFMCC staff. A comparison of the existing Numbered Fleet Staff organizations and functions is also provided.

Basic Element Four

Command and Control

Required | Core Course
Command and Control provides insights into the methodologies, complexities and challenges of command and controlling from an OLW perspective. The course delves into advanced discussions of this critical operational function. Access to Senior Leadership is provided by retired VADM and RADM senior facilitators as well as in-person or SVTC presentations and Q&A with sitting Fleet Commanders and Deputy Fleet Commanders.

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