Combined Force Maritime Component Commander Course

The Combined Force Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC) course is flag-level professional military education focused on command and control of multinational maritime forces. The course is designed to prepare U.S. and partner nation officers for regional leadership and to give them a broad perspective of the operational level of war.
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General Information


The Chief of Naval Operations extends invitations to nations for selected students to participate in this program. Candidates are U.S. and International Flag Officers (07+) or service equivalent.

Location & Duration

The one-week course for students is taught at the site of regional headquarters for U.S. Forces three times a year.

Learning Format

This course is primarily seminar format but includes faculty-moderated sessions meant to encourage discussion among students.


Students in CFMCC will develop international relationships among partner nations, while deepening their understanding of Combined Maritime Command and Control concepts and mechanisms.

Program Structure

Course Overview

Preparing Future Leaders

Students will develop and deepen relationships centered around trust and confidence. Together, students will address challenges between partner nations in the framework of regional challenges.

Exploring Concepts & Capabilities

This course will give students the ability to explore Combined Maritime Command and Control concepts and mechanisms.

Graduates of CFMCC

Graduates of CFMCC gain the ability to effectively communicate and advance the understanding of security issues between participating nations.

Student Information

Contact Information

CFMCC Flag Course Coordinator

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